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How to delete a Company
How to delete a Company
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Unlike candidates, a company does not have the two-step deletion process.

Deleting a Company will also delete any Contacts and Jobs permanently from your system. So remember, before deleting:

  1. The Company should not have any job assigned to them before deletion, if you want to keep a record of that job

  2. The Company should not have any contacts associated that you want to keep a record of.

How do I delete a Company?

1. In Company list view

2. Inside the Company profile

The company has jobs and contacts associated to it, what should I do?

These records can be transferred or merged to a different Company before permanent deletion. To do this, just select the Company > Actions > Merge to Another Company

For more details on how to merge companies, click here.

How do I restrict the Users to not delete the Company?

You can do this in the User Management. Just head to Settings > User Management > Select the User > Go to Permissions tab > Look for the Companies section

NOTE: You would be unable to delete companies with active placements synced to Timetemp


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