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Merging Companies in Vincere is super easy, and the best thing about our merge functionality is that you can get granular and decide which specific details you’d like to keep or discard. This gives you extra control over the merge process so you don’t have to worry about losing important data.

Follow the steps below for Merge Success

To merge a company, start by selecting a company (in most cases, this is the record you want to discard a.k.a the duplicate) and select ‘ Merge Companies’ from the actions list.

Now search for the other similar company record you’d like to merge with.

Make sure you review the information and select the boxes you DO NOT want to be merged.

🔥Simple rules:

  1. Check to keep the data on the left column.

2. Uncheck to keep the data on the right column.

‼️This action cannot be undone so check carefully! Confirm your action and your merge request will be added to the merge tracking queue immediately.

Why is there a need for ‘Merge Tracking’?

Recruitment is all about relationships… within the company record, you’ve got Location information, Contacts, Jobs, Activities & Files. We want to keep all of these links and joins for you so if these companies are linked with a whole lot of information in your database, Vincere needs time to transfer these data for you.

You can track all merges in ‘Merge Tracking’ which gives you a log and status of all merge tasks initiated (by all users) in your Vincere account.’

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