Changing Emails in Vincere

Has one of you users changed their email address?

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There are 2 emails in your user settings screen.

  1. Registered email – This is the email used to log on to your Vincere site

    1. This cannot be changed after registration.

    2. This email is where your password reset email will always be sent.

    3. This will always automatically be Bcc'd when you sent out an email using Vincere

  2. Connected email – This email will be used to send out any emails sent from within Vincere.

    1. Emails from this email address will be synced in Vincere (One way)

    2. Calendar events from this will be synced to Vincere (Two-way)

    3. Doesn't always need to be the same email as the Registered email

Changing Registered emails

Once a user login has been created, they will not be able to change the registered email address.

If you would like to use a different email address to login, you would need to deactivate the old user and create a new user using the new email.

Please bear in mind that doing this will not transfer the following information to the new user:

  1. Record ownership (candidates, contacts, job, company)

  2. Tasks linked to the record

  3. User activity, profit splits, any user specific report information.


You can bulk transfer records by following the steps here

You can also transfer Distribution list and Talent pools from your old user profile

If you would like to proceed with creating a new user, It would be advisable to do it before the first of the month for reporting accuracy.

To detail the steps, You will need to go into the user management screen,

Select the user you want to change the email and deactivate the old user

Once you've deactivated the user, create a new user with the new email address.

Once you've created the new user, you can bulk transfer the profile's ownership to the new user.

Please note that you cannot transfer tasks and calendar schedules to the new user, as these are linked to the email address they were scheduled with.

You can repeat this process for all the users that would require a new email to be registered in the system.

Changing Connected email

To change your connected email, just click on your profile picture and select user settings.

If you have a connected email, just click disconnect

Look for the Email Settings section and connect your email.

Click Email Type and choose your correct email provider.

If you have Outlook click HERE for assistance with enabling 2FA.

Note: For IMAP / MS Exchange accounts, you will need to fill in other fields provided ie. server host. Kindly reach out to your email administrators for the information required.

Once successfully connected, Vincere syncs your email and calendar to the system.

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