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Setting User Targets in Goal Console
Setting User Targets in Goal Console

Learn how to set up targets for each user in the Goal Console

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Once you have set up your Goals in the Goal Library (check out best practices & tips for setting up Goals here), select all the Goals that you want to activate in the Goals Dashboard and in action list.

Hit 'Set target' at the top or 'Next' at the bottom of the page to set up targets.

Once opened, scroll to the required Goal and select ‘edit’ to apply this goal to user(s):

Here you can assign the Goals that you've chosen to measure to your users.

To Copy Goal or Bulk Edit goals, select the user and choose the action.

Copying the Goal will allow you to copy the Goal from a certain period of time for certain users. Just select the Month Range and Users.

Bulk Edit will allow you to bulk update the Goal for one or more users. Select the Months from the drop down to apply the goal to the Months.

💡 Did you know? You can choose to set Goals per week or per month, for up to a year in advance. This helps you to take into account holiday periods, vacations and other seasonal variances.

NOTE: if you’re setting up Monthly Goals, the Goals will not automatically be broken down into Weekly Goals.

NOTE: You can hover over the week column title to see the date range. To see how the week numbers are calculated, please see this article

There is also a Current Week / Current Month button to easily navigate:

You can also set targets for the following year, and review the targets from the previous 2 years by using the year button in the navigation bar.

Once you're happy with the Goals, hit Save and Vinny will start tracking them immediately or from the start of the next relevant time period.

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