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Goal Console
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All About Goal Console in Vincere πŸ”½

Setting Minimum Expectations/Targets for Your Team is Super Easy

β­• Best Practices for Setting Up Goals (KPIs) in Vincere

Setting effective goals is crucial for driving placements and revenue. Here are some best practices to ensure your goals are impactful:

πŸ’‘ Key Tips:

1. Limit the Number of Goals:

  • Recommended: 3 to 5 goals.

  • Purpose: Identify actions that correlate with more placements and revenue.

  • Avoid: Overloading with too many action types, which can obscure the most effective goals.

2. Simplify Goal Options:

  • Less Choice: Limit options to make selection easier.

  • Guideline: Fewer options (#1-#26) lead to better focus and correct selection.

3. Patience in Calibration:

  • Timeframe: 2-3 months to find the right goals and set appropriate targets.

  • Outcome: Once calibrated, the Goals Dashboard becomes a powerful performance management tool.

β­• How to Set Up Goals:

To set up Goal in Goal Console please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings and click on Goal Console.

2. Here you can customize Goals in the Goal Library such as:

  • Edit Action Name: Customize the name of the action associated with a goal.

  • Goal Registration: Decide if an action counts as a goal.

  • Action Options: Choose if the goal appears as an action option for users.

This is what the β€˜Action List’ refers to ⬇️

πŸ“‹ Note:

  • This customization ensures users understand the actions they're taking towards their goals.

  • You can only rename the activity, and can not remove or add extra activities.

3. Click on Set Targets to establish targets for each goal.

πŸ“ Note: After you set target, ensure that the Goals Dashboard in Intelligence is up to date by manually refreshing it.
Although The Intelligence Suite automatically refreshes once a day, but highly recommend you manually hit the refresh button whenever you need the latest updated information.

β­• Understanding Different Types of Goals

Goals #1 - #26 are measured when someone adds a task, meeting, or comment into the system and selects the relevant action from the Actions dropdown list.

  • The aggregate total of Goals numbered [...] is the sum of all the individual goals within that specified range

Goals #27- #52 will be measured using System actions if:

  • The Goal is turned on

  • A user has a target set for this Goal

    e.g. if someone has targeted new Candidates, Vincere will automatically give them one new Candidate Goal point when they save a new Candidate into the system

These actions are built into the default Vincere workflows = getting credit for the action requires nothing more than completing the action - easy


  1. Goal #44. NFI / Fees /Margin | All needs to be activated for the Benchmarks view of the Goal Dashboard to give you useful info.

  2. You need to ensure you have activated the Goal and activated the Goal in Action list

  3. If the Activate in action list toggle is not turned ON, the user cannot select the Goal action when adding a comment, task, or meeting which means they have no way of getting credit for the goal.

    ​And if you haven't set the Goal you won't be able to see anything in the Goals Dashboard in Intelligence.

πŸ‘‰ Check out how to track meetings and calls here.

There are six 14 actions that you can customize for contacts, 18 actions for candidates, and others for Deals, Job Leads, Companies, and Applications.

Once you have toggled these actions to β€˜Yes’, it will show as options for the Action List:

β­• New Goal Features (Job Lead)

Job Lead Goals (#48-52)

  • New Goals: Set job leads, conversion targets, and deals.

  • Available: Job leads (New, Converted), Deals (New, Won, Revenue).

πŸ’‘ PRO TIP: Once you've set up your Goals head over here to learn more about how to track Goals in Vincere Intelligence.

β­• Can I link this to a goal or KPI? πŸ€”

Yes! For Vincere to automatically link this to goals, simply toggle to β€˜Yes’ in the Activate Goal section.

Goals (including your custom goals) will be automatically tracked and pulled to Intelligence > Goals Dashboard.

β­• Insights from Industry Leaders

πŸ‘€ Ryan Cleland-Bogle, Founder @ Tempting Ventures: For both business owners and employees! ➑️ Focus on Key Goal: Track new first-round interviews per week.


  • Ensures a steady influx of new deals.

  • Maximizes interview opportunities for candidates.

  • Refines consultant processes to increase placement success rates.

Start Setting Goals Today:

➑️ Get Started: Set up your team's goals and start tracking their progress.

πŸ“ˆ Achieve Success: Leverage Vincere to drive business growth and success.

Let's make goal-setting and tracking a game-changer for your business! #TheVincereWay

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