Types of custom fields

What sort of fields can you create?

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You can add eight types of custom fields to a record inside Vincere:

  • Single line text field – this is a short, free text field, perfect for recording information that can be entered quickly and easily.

  • Multi-line text field – this is a longer free text field.

  • Checkboxes – checkboxes allow you to select multiple options from a list that you create. When searching across checkboxes users have to select one of the options that you’ve created when configuring the checkboxes.

  • Multiple Selection - these allow you to select more than one option from the field.

  • Dropdown lists – these allow you to add a number of pre-defined options for completing the field. When filling out a dropdown box custom field, users can only select one of the options and when searching across this field, you’ll have to select one of these options.

  • Radio Buttons – radio buttons function in the same way as checkboxes, with the difference that you can only select one option from a radio box custom field. In this way, radio boxes are very similar to dropdown boxes, and searching across them works in exactly the same way.

  • Single line date picker – this allows you to enter a date into the custom field. When you’re searching across a single line date picker custom field, you can search for records that fall inside or outside a certain date range.

  • Table - allows you to add custom fields into a table.

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