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v12.14 November '19 Release | Core, Engage, Intelligence & Pay & Bill
v12.14 November '19 Release | Core, Engage, Intelligence & Pay & Bill

Mega updates to Search, additions to Onboarding, Pay & Bill - plus, a whole line-up of enhancements all based on your feedback

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a. Update Search Usability
b. Search null
c. New searches for:

  • Candidate search

  • Contact search

  • Job search

  • Company search

d. Show field efficiently in Field suggestion
e. Search with onboarding fields
f. New fields in Search
g. Matching Column in Search Results
h. Tool Tips added
i. Link to switch back to old search

a. Show the number of contacts for each department
b. When hovering over each number, show contact names

 3/ Job Profile Updates

a. Updated the Job UI to create a consistent message throughout the system.
b. Updated Forecast fee calculations on Job

4/ Updated Actions on Candidate & Job

Redesigned actions layout for candidate and application tables

5/ Re-positioned chevrons & expanded UI

a. Reposition chevron for company details
b. Reposition chevron for contact details
c. Expand the UI of Candidate, Contact, Company
d. Change the UI of brief section
e. Change the UI of the summary section

a. Set up default Vincere users for verifying documents inside the document name table in Settings and allow users to make verification of documentation mandatory for document type.
b. In Jobs allow users to choose who will verify documents. Also set reminders for Verification updates, and link then to the list of docs in Files section from email.
c. Add 3 new filterable columns to Files section (within Candidate Details) and Candidates File Library:

  • Verified Status

  • Verified Date

  • Verifier

d. Add an action called Verify when choosing a Candidate inside Candidates File Library. It only appears if that person is the verifier of documents for the selected candidates.

Allow the user to show the sub-status / photo on the live list, displayed as a dropdown.

Updated the LinkedIn view from within a contact and candidate Quick View to give you a clear view of the individual's LinkedIn profile.

9/ Email Improvements (Phase 1)

a. Change current Outlook 365 (Email, Calendar) authentication to OAuth2
b. Migrate current Outlook Calendar to new API client
c. Migrate Email to new API client

In the Contact detail page, we have a “Company” field as a textbox. We will have a link button there, and users can open the Company page faster from there.

a. Removed from KPI actions
b. Removed from Fee Dashboard

'To be deleted' Candidates now called 'Archived'

13/ Layout Improvement on Temporary placements

Layout of the placement page for temporary roles now reflects that of contract placements.


Configure which placement fields are mandatory.

15/ Pay & Bill Templates

a. Refactor On-Costs template in Admin settings
b. Filter template that is enabled for the company in Job and Offer / Placement
c. Add links to Company - links to Company locations
d. Enable Fee & Pay Engine for all countries.
e. Add States for the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan - Ensure that the default is always to the user’s country.
f. For Contract Compensation: Remove "Pay rate only / Pay rate + Allowances / Pay rate + Allowances + Stat Government Tax / Pay rate + Allowances + Stat Government Tax + Optional factors" in Calculate Pay. Migrate data for existing compensation.
g. Add in Tabs into Fee & Pay Engine configurator and pop-up to allow the following data to be added: Timesheets & Pay rules

a. Pay & Bill rules engine popup in Compensation of Job and Offer/ Placement
b. Including On-cost breakdown with Pay / Charge / Margin - Markup

17/ New on-cost options in Placements

a. Adding In Pay, In Charge, Margin / Markup for Offered / Placed
b. Job compensation

In order to adapt to new calculation of Margin/ Markup, In Pay, In Charge

  • Adding Salary Sacrifices for Australia and NZ

  • Budget and Budget type

  • Adding options for On-costs:

  1. In Pay Rate

  2. In Charge Rate

  3. In Margin / Markup

'Pay Type' in Renewal Table

a. Add “Retainer” column to Invoice Table
b. Add “Start Date” column to show start date of the contractor/temp in Invoice table

When Enable Home Currency is set to OFF, Vincere won't show “Set your Home Currency”

21/ New Wildcard:

Add #timesheetperiod# to your Sales & Purchase Invoices.


22/ Refresh Button (beta)

A manual refresh button to allow you to refresh the dashboards every 30 minutes.

23/ Timezone

a. All dashboards will now appear in each individual user's timezone.
b. Users can change/update timezone by going to User Settings from inside Vincere. 

24/ Updates to My Dashboard

A brand new look and it now includes:

  • All of your active tasks including subject, entity, entity name and due date.

  • Additional key information when looking at all of your active interviews, jobs and companies including interview stage, dates, number of applications and fee forecast

25/ Updates to Recognised Fees Dashboard 

a. New columns: Due Date & Approved Date
b. New tab: Fees/Profit Spilts

26/ Deferred Fees Dashboard | Perm Job Types & Retainers 

Added in Permanent job types and Retainers to all deferred revenue dashboards inside Deferred Fees. 

27/ Renamed Dashboards

a. Fees is now Booked Fees
b. Temps | Contractors is now Deferred Fees
c. Finances | Invoices is now Recognized Fees

Full Analytics Release Notes here:
Vincere Report 14 | Analytics Oct '19 Updates


Landing November '19 🚀

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