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Hot Lists Dashboard

Hot List dashboard in Intelligence 🔥

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Tracking Your Hot Entities with Vincere's Hot List Dashboard

Are you looking to manage your 'Hot' Candidates, Contacts, Jobs, or Companies efficiently? Look no further! Vincere's Hot List Dashboard is designed to help you keep track of all your high-priority entities in one place 🤩

How to view Hotlists Dashboard? 🤔

From your home page:

  1. Go to the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Click on the Intelligence Icon.

  3. Once you're on the Intelligence site > Click on Hot List to view the dashboard.

Hot List Dashboard which consists of two main tabs:

1. Hot Lists Tab

Overview: This tab provides a general overview in a table format of all your candidates, Jobs, Contacts, or Companies marked as 'Hot' in Vincere.

  • Breakdown: The data is broken down into:

    • Total Number of Hot Candidates, Jobs, Contacts, or Companies.

    • Number of Active Jobs, active candidates.

    • Average Jobs per Candidate, average candidate per job, average jobs per contact, and average jobs per company.

  • Additional Entities: You can also view your Hot List Contacts, Jobs, and Companies in this tab.

2. Report Data Tab

  • Detailed Breakdown: This tab offers a detailed breakdown of your Hot Entities based on specific fields.

  • Exportable Data: You can export this data in CSV format for further analysis and reporting by clicking on the "X folder" button located on the up right of the screen.

⭕ Enhancing Your Dashboard Experience

Make your Hot List Dashboard even more powerful by using the filtering feature. This allows you to dive deeper into your consultant's activity and monitor specific aspects of your recruitment process.

By leveraging Vincere's Hot List Dashboard, you can ensure that you are always focused on the most promising opportunities, optimizing your recruitment efforts and boosting your productivity.

Ready to get started? Navigate to your Hot List Dashboard today and take control of your high-priority entities! 🚀

Happy Recruitment #TheVinnyWay🤩

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