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Vincere automatically converts placements and approved timesheets into beautiful, fully-branded invoices.

✔ Sales Invoice; this is what you send to your client with a list of products or services they have bought and their prices, any sales tax, the total amount, and the date before which the customer must pay. 

✔ Purchase Invoice; this is what you keep internally to reconcile your costs of sale. A purchase invoice will include any costs borne by yourself as the agency, e.g. candidate travel expenses - these costs will not be passed to the client in the sales invoice. The purchase invoice is really important, so you can report on accurate figures inside Vincere analytics. 

To work out your net placement profit from we take your total sales invoice figure minus the corresponding total purchase invoice figure which results in your profit. 

✔ Credit Note/Invoice; this is a statement detailing a refund or credit to a previously sent out Sales Invoice.

What's great about invoicing is it's built directly into Vincere and not a costly third party extension. You may be thinking, "well, what does that mean for me?"… Well, this allows us to build automation directly into the system, saving you time and creating efficiency gains.


 Permanent Placements; as soon as a perm placement is made inside Vincere two invoices are automatically created in draft:

  • 1 x Sales Invoice (you send this to your client)

  • 1 x Purchase Invoice (you keep this one internally to reconcile your cost of sale and work out your profits)

Contract / Temp Placements; as soon as a timesheet has been submitted and approved by a manager (via TimeTemp) two invoices are automatically created in draft:

  • 1 x Sales Invoice (you send this to your client)

  • 1 x Purchase Invoice (you keep this one internally to reconcile your cost of sale and work out your profits)

Contingency Recruitment (retainers); this works similarly to a permanent placement - just set the job subtype as retained. Then follow the steps to set up the payment schedule, e.g. tranche 1, tranche 2.

There's an awesome article here on how to manage retainers from start to finish.


It's important to create and configure your invoice templates before you start using Vincere's invoicing module; check out the below articles with how to configure the different types of templates:

How does it work? 

It's super simple to raise and edit invoices inside Vincere. 

Ensure it's toggled on inside Marketplace (settings > marketplace) and select all the users you wish you have access to invoicing (we'd recommend just your back office team - consultants don't need access to invoicing for the automatic generation to happen). You can also click here for more detailed steps.

Next, add it to your side by clicking Edit Menu and add the Pay & Bill icon to your panel:

Click the Pay & Bill Icon

And click Invoices

Voila! Welcome to Vincere Invoicing:

Here you can view and edit invoices, check the status and filter/choose across a wide range of columns giving you a quick view of the contents within the table view 

To view the full invoice, simply click in the row, which takes you straight into the invoice.

Here you can add additional line items, change quantities, rate, amount, tax details etc. You can also preview the invoice and make sure you're satisfied with how it all looks. 

Profit Split per invoice

Great news for those placements that multiple consultants have worked on - you are now able to assign profit splits per invoice. You can accurately see the profit per consultant, and this also feeds through to your analytics dashboards for accurate reporting.

To assign a profit split, just go into your invoice and hit actions > profit split. You can even choose whether you’d like to calculate the split as a percentage or as a value.

Next you can change brand/Template, Approve, Approve & Send out to your client or Approve & mark as sent (doesn't send anything externally but gets recorded as sent).

  • Change Brand | Template: This is if you're invoicing under different brands and billing entities

  • Approve: Approve the invoice 

  • Approve & Send: Approve the invoice and send to your client (via email) - figures go to analytics. 

  • Approve & Mark as Sent: Approve and not actually sending anything to your client BUT do send the figures to analytics, so the system thinks you've sent it when in reality you're not sending it through Vincere… You may wish to export to CSV and then process the invoice through your accounting system. View more on exporting your approved invoices here.

Editing Invoice Line Items

By default, all users with Invoice access in the Pay and Bill screen will be able to edit details in draft invoices. However, once an invoice has been set to approved, only users with permission to edit Invoice items will be able to edit and add to Invoice line items.

To grant user permission to edit line items for approved invoices, just go to Settings > User Management > Select the user > Click Permissions and Scroll down to Pay and Bill Settings

Enable the Edit Invoice Items option and click Save.

This permission only applies specifically to Invoice Items inside the Invoice. This will not affect the permission to see the invoices in the Pay & Bill screen.

And that's it, folks! Welcome to Vincere Invoicing!

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