A seat is the same as a licence - this is how many licences or 'seats' you are currently subscribed to and being billed for on your account each billing cycle.

*Please note a seat is different to a user inside Vincere. A seat is simply the licence you're paying for but may not be associated with a user. To assign this seat to a user's head to Settings > User Management and create the user profile. You can find more info on this here.

If you can't see the billing tab from settings please contact us via the chat in our Help Center or email us at support@vincere.io. Remember to include your company name and how many licences you would like to add/remove.

To add a new licence to Vincere all you need to do is head to your account and navigate to Settings > Billing:

Once you’re on the billing page lookout for the 'Add seats' button, simply click here and add as many seats as you like.

Additional Information:

If you are paying by credit card then the card will be charged for the prorated licences amount and the licence(s) will be live immediately. We actually prorate down to the second you add the new licence which gives you flexibility and peace of mind at your fingertips.

If you do not have a credit card associated with your account then please raise a request to finance@vincere.io and one of our wonderful team will reach out to you with payment options.

Additional licences are billed at the prorated amount, not the full annual or monthly amount e.g. take an additional licence 6 months in and you are only charged half the annual amount instead of full. 

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