Growing with Vincere and want to increase your licences? Awesome 💪

All you need to do is go into Settings -> Billing

Once you’re inside the Billing page -> There is the add seat button. Click on it and add as many licenses as you want and you're good to go. Now simply navigate to User Management to add new users 

💯Note: If you can't view billing from settings please contact with your request to add in the number of licenses

Example: “ We’d like to request the “X” amount of licenses to be added on “This Date” please" and we'll happily process this for you. 

🔥Important: If you are paying by credit card then the card will be charged for the prorated licences amount and the licence will be live immediately. 

If you do not have a credit card associated to your account then please raise a request to and one of our wonderful team will reach out to you with payment options (transfer or credit card).

Additional licences are billed at the prorated amount, not the full annual or monthly amount e.g. take an additional licence 6 months in and you are only charged half the annual amount instead of full. 

If you are paying by credit card we actually prorate down to the second/minute you add the new licence - flexibility at your fingertips. 

Compared to our competitors you only ever have 1 renewal date with Vincere meaning all of your licences run to this 1 date giving you complete flexibility to accommodate the challenges your business may face. 

(Lots of our competitors tie customers into a new annual contract if they add licences mid way through contract... which is rubbish! ❌)

Flexible Finance at your fingertips #TheVincereWay 👍🏼

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