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Vincere v12.5 🎁

Tweaks and Improvements designed to streamline your business processes

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*Dropping Saturday 10th November weekend*

1. Say goodbye to ‘Onboarding’ | ATS 

What’s changing?

We’re merging the ‘Onboarding’ and ‘Placed' stages in the ATS pipeline, Renewals will now be the default 'final stage' view. Users can change this according to their preferences in their user settings - Their options are:  

  1. Renewals 

  2. Timesheets

  3. Invoices

  4. File Library

NOTE: We added this viewing option for our Exec search and Perm (Direct hire) only customers, as they told us they did not want to see renewals as a last stage - File library or invoices was more appropriate. 

Why did we make this change?

Whenever a contract placement was made, users had to manually move the placement into the Onboarding stage in order for renewals to be done, and analytics to work . It was manual and unnecessary.  

What this essentially means...

Whenever a placement is made, the "status" of the placement will be determined by the start and end dates of the placement. The new statuses in the placement stage are:

Red - Terminated | Finished
Amber - Starting
Green - Active

These statuses will automatically change for you, so you can now quickly see who is starting and who is active - For contractors and temps we have added a button to quickly filter to see only your contractors & temps in placed stage. 

‘Do I have to do anything?’

No and Yes; we will merge the candidates in onboarding back to placed stage. But it would be best to check through your data on your contractors now, we have noticed that a lot of our customers' data is not very clean, some have missing start or end dates, pay interval is not showing on some records which will affect your analytics. 

Important Notes: 

  1. For a Contractor or Temp to show in the Temp | Contractor (TC) Dashboard, the job related to the placement must have a Job owner. Therefore, if your active temps & contractors are not showing, please check this first. 

  2. At the end of November we will be removing "Yearly" & "Quarterly" from the "Pay interval" drop down. Some users (very few) are confusing "Pay interval" with "Pay Cycle" and this is affecting their Analytics. If you are one of the few that use this please take note.

  3. Also, speaking of the new TC Dashboard, we are working on some incremental updates, based on customer feedback. We expect this will be fully functioning by the end of November. Our CEO will do some webinars in Dec to run through the analytics, we will update you.

2.Renewals in TimeTemp

In the OMNI release, we introduced Contract Renewals. It’s only logical that we take this renewal data and push it into TimeTemp too. So now when your candidate accepts the renewed offer or if you manually renew the contract, data flows seamlessly into TimeTemp for you.

3.Checks for Bulk Emailing

We’re adding a confirmation step before you can hit send for bulk emailing both Candidates and Clients.

Now you’ll not only get a count of how many Candidates/ Contacts you are emailing, you’ll also know how many of these records do not actually have email addresses.

With this extra information, we’re reducing the probability of recruiters mistakenly selecting more records than intended for emailing. Plus, you can easily go back to update the email address to maximise email deliverability.

4.Send compensation info to Accountant | **Back by Popular Demand** 🙌

Yes, we’ve heard you and we’re bringing it back.  

5.More #wildcards# for Invoicing | Document Builder

Three more useful wildcards for all 3 invoice templates:

  • Client Company number

  • Contact Job title

  • Purchase order number

6.Renewal Template | Document Builder

A brand new category for your templates, you can now create templates specifically for Renewals.

7. New sidebar menu icon | Invoices

Now you can quickly jump to all your Invoices. Simply add ‘Invoices’ to your menu.

8. Show hide options for Client & Candidate portal 

Now it’s extra easy for you to toggle on and off to hide the candidate or client portals from engagement hub menu. 

9. Improvement to ‘Company’ field | Velocity

A small but useful enhancement: whenever Velocity picks up a Candidate and/or Contact, you’ll be able to tell if the company (in the company field) already exists in Vincere. Uses can now search the companies from within Vincere and apply that company to the candidate.
NOTE: It will not link candidate to the company, you need to create a contact to do that. 

Also please note that a new company in the field will not be added when creating or updating a Candidate. This functionality only applies if you create a Contact.

If you do not see these changes, please uninstall and reinstall Velocity.

10. The Cache buster is here 🙌🔥🎉😜

As you know we regularly roll out updates and enhancements to Vincere and by now you know the drill... "clear your cache, clear your cache, clear your cache" but no more. 

In this release, we’re introducing the Cache buster so you no longer have to spend time clearing your browsers cache to see the latest version of Vincere. This unique piece of code we’ve added in tells your browser that we have made changes and freshly downloads the new version for you 🚀

11. *Coming Soon* Google for Jobs | Engagement Hub 

As you already know, the Engagement Hub comes embedded with best practice SEO (Not sure how? Read more about the SEO tab). 

Towards the end of November, we’ll be adding two more levels of Search Engine Optimisation for you to ensure that your jobs are picked up, ranked and shown in Google for Jobs. These are: 

  1. Structured Data Markup

  2. Sitemap

Please note: It will take up to 5 days for the Google crawlers to start linking your Jobs to Google for Jobs. All you need to do is enable the function from within the Engagement hub. 

Read more about this in our dedicated article on SEO in the Engagement Hub.

That's it folks - we hope you enjoy these system enhancements designed to streamline your processes - happy billing!  🎉

Team Vincere 🧡 

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