Want your offers to be approved before being sent out to Candidates? Would you like that added security that all offers are accurate and reliable? 

No problem - be sure to check out the VC Offer Approval Process. 

Offer approval is great for if you've got fresh grads brand new into recruitment - this is the easiest way to ensure offers are checked before being sent out to clients/candidates. 

To activate the approval workflow, head to Settings and click Admin Settings

Head to Approval Process and hit edit. 


Next you can choose if approval as Mandatory or not:

🔥 PRO TIP: You can set as many approvers as you like e.g. all business unit heads or line managers 

You can also have fully configurable reminder emails automatically sent out to your clients inside the system - set by your timeframes. 

Once you’ve done this, specify an Approver per job (existing jobs or new jobs):

From here, anytime a candidate is moved from the interview process to the OFFERED stage by anyone other than the Job Approver, the recruiter will have to Request Approval in the form of an email or directly on the job:

Once an Approval email has been sent to the Job Approver they simply open the email, open the job details and Confirm or Reject the request or approve directly from the email - completely up to you. 

Approvals made easy 👍🏼


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