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Linking a Contact to a Candidate
Linking a Contact to a Candidate

Linking Contacts and Candidates together

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Linking a contact to a candidate and vice versa has never been easier.

Locate a Contact inside Vincere you'd like to link to a Candidate and hit actions:

  1. Link to Existing Candidate

    Click on link to existing candidate, then search the candidate you would like to link to the contact and press save

Quick view the Contact and you should see this icon next to the contact’s name.

Now you have access to all the information to both profiles within one view!

Now when you open the profile of your contact you will see a blue contact ID number and an orange candidate ID number, choose the candidate idea to easily open the profile

2. Link to a new candidate

By selecting this option you will be able to have the new created candidate linked right away with the contact!

Note: You can link the other way around as well if a candidate turns into a new contact just follow the same steps in the Candidate page! More information HERE

Get linkin' those Contacts #TheVincereWay 🎉

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