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Seamlessly signing documents

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Vincere have now introduced a new integration with Sign request designed to seamlessly increase and streamline your consultants placement process. 

Now every time a client contract or offer contract is sent out, the receiver can now open the document and Sign automatically using our Sign request integration. This also works for the Candidate and recruiter to counter sign. 

It gives the individual the ability to draw their signature or upload online using e-signatures - removing the hassle of having to print the document off, signing it by hand and scan it back into the computer to send back #WelcomeToTheFuture

To enable this integration you first need to have a SignRequest account and be part of a team in Sign Request in order to get the API token. 

Head over to your Sign Request account > click on your profile and head down to Teams:

Scroll to the bottom and you'll see a section on API Settings. Next hit:

  1. Create token 

  2. Copy the below token that is generated and paste into the Marketplace inside Vincere (more on this below). 

  3. You can also configure some various settings directly on SignRequest too. 

Once you're happy with your Sign Request account and you've got your API token head back into Vincere > go to Marketplace and scroll down until you see Sign Request towards the bottom of the page:

Click on Sign request > enter your API Token and you're good to go - all setup and ready to use. 

💡 TOP TIP: Got multiple brands set up in Vincere and want a different Sign request account for each? No problem:

Sign Request is a separate subscription. 

*Head over to and sign up for an account. Next, create a team and copy the API token from SignRequest. If you're struggling to find your SignRequest API token feel free to reach out to SignRequest support directly. 

Note: If you initially connected a sandbox account to your Vincere instance and upgraded to a paid SignRequest account, to remove the watermark, you would need to remove the sandbox API token and create a new API token.

Simple Signing #TheVincereWay 📝

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