From your sidebar in Vincere you'll notice a history tab. This works in the same was as browser history and stores quick links to any recent records you've been interacting with recently.Β 

You can take this further by making these records extra special. You can mark them with a star which send them to the KIV tab. KIV stands for Keep in View and allows you to access any important records in the system - maybe records you'll be interacting a lot with over the next few days.Β 

To activate these you need to go to the History Tab and select any important records by clicking on the starΒ 

Now you’re probably wondering where you can access this information. Well, you just need to click on the KIV tab right next to History and open your favourite records in Vincere 🀩

Never lose those records again!
#TheVincereWay πŸ”₯

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