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Go to Settings > Marketplace and look for LogicMelon.

Click into the tile and you will see a widget like this:

You must enter:

  1. LogicMelon Master User 

  2. Logic Melon Security Key

  3. Add the user(s) who has an active LogicMelon account(s)

Now you've set up the account(s), change your 'Retrieve Applications Settings'.

This is where you can select the desired options to retrieve applications. This means that you can choose how you want candidates to be pulled into your Vincere account from LogicMelon.

You have 3 options: 

  1. Disable Retrieve Applications: none of the applicants will be pulled into Vincere i.e. they will stay in LogicMelon.

  2. Enable Retrieve Applications >  Retrieve All > Shortlist to Job: all applicants will be shortlisted to the job in Vincere.

  3. Enable Retrieve Applications > Flagging Response Management: You will be able to use LogicMelon flagging system which will define which applicants are pulled into Vincere.

Now you can decide what you want to do with your flagged candidates In LogicMelon:

  • Do not retrieve

  • Add to database

  • Shortlist to job

Once done, hit on ‘Save’.

Awesome, you're all set to start posting your jobs to LogicMelon! 🤘

How to post a job to LogicMelon

Now go to the Job you’d like to post using LogicMelon. Actions > Post.

Simply switch the Job privacy status to Public. You should be able to see LogicMelon option like so:

Click on Post. You will see a page like this:

Now, follow the in-app steps to post your jobs:

  1. Select job board

  2. Fill out details

At this stage, Vincere pulls in the information from the Job into this section for you. However, you can still edit and update as desired.

Next: Confirm details & Awaiting delivery

Once you confirm the details, click ‘Finish’ and your job is posted! Easy peasy! 

Awesome job - you've now posted your job! 👍🏻

Who can see the Logic Melon tab?

Please note that only the user that has posted the job will be able to see the Logic Melon tab in the Job's profile. (An administrator will not be able to see LogicMelon tab unless the admin is the user who posted the job.)

Now we need some awesome Candidates too. In order to use the Vincere flagging, you MUST flag the Candidates inside Vincere and NOT inside Logic Melon. If you flag inside Logic Melon this will not be reflected inside Vincere, all flagging must take place inside Vincere on the job (see below):


Please note that for each candidate resume auto parsed from Logic Melon, 1 parsing credit will be used. Each Vincere account is credited with 500 complimentary parsing credits each month - if you require a top-up in credits, feel free to reach out to our superstar support team who will advise on how to purchase more. You can read more about this here.

You can check your remaining credits by going to Settings > Data Import > From Resumes > credits 

And that's it - simple. Start winning with Vincere and Logic Melon. 

Check out this quick video below too with how to flag candidates correctly:

To connect Vincere with LogicMelon, you will need an active subscription with LogicMelon. To sign up, head over to https://logicmelon.com/ to get started.

Start flagging to your heart's content 🚀

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