Best practice for setting up Goals (KPI's)

  • Don't set too many - recommend somewhere between 3 and 5. The purpose of Goals is to find actions that correlate with more placements and more revenue and if you're measuring too many action types, it'll be difficult to find the Goals that actually correlate with increased revenue/growth.
  • Don't give too many options on Goals #1-#26: more choice = less likely to select any options/correct option
  • Accept that it might take time - once you're measuring the right Goals and have calibrated your targets correctly, the Goals Dashboard will be an invaluable performance management tool - but note that it may take some time to find the right Goals and to set the right targets (2-3 months). 

How to Set up Goals

  1. First head to Settings and select 'Goal Console'

2. In the Goals Console, you can customize the system in three ways:

a) Edit the action name associated with a Goal - this will measure the Goals but means that users will see a different name for the Goals when registering an action

b) Choose whether an action is registered as a Goal

c) Choose whether the action associated with the Goal appears as an action option for users

P.S this is what the Action List refers to (when adding a task, meeting or comment in Vincere)

3. Once you have set up your Goals, selected all the ones that you want to measure and activated as a Goal and in the action list, hit 'Next' to set up targets.

Once opened, scroll to the required Goal and select ‘edit’ to apply this goal to a user:

Here you can now select the user you wish to apply the target against and then apply the relevant target figures:

4. You can now assign the Goals that you've chosen to measure to your users - you can measure Goals by week, month, quarter or year, and can set them up to start immediately or from the start of the next relevant time period.  

Further explanation of the different types of Goals

Goals #27- #50 will be tracked automatically by the system if:

(a) the Goal is turned on 

(b) a user has a target set for this Goal e.g. if someone has targeted for new Candidates, Vincere will automatically give them one new Candidate Goal point when they save a new Candidate into the system

These actions are built into the default Vincere workflows = getting credit for the action requires nothing more than completing the action - easy 

🔥 PRO TIP: Goal #48 needs to be switched on for Benchmarks view of Goal Dashboard to give you useful info 

Goals #1 - #26 are measured when someone adds a task, meeting, or comment into the system and selects the relevant action from the Actions dropdown list. You need to ensure 

(a) you have switched on the action 

(b) you have switched on the Goal

If action is not turned on, the user cannot select the Goal action when adding a comment, task, or meeting which means they have no way of getting credit for the goal. 


Job Lead Goals - What's a Job Lead? 

More goals are now available in the Goal Console allowing you to set job leads, conversion targets and deals (new/won/revenue) out-of-the-box:

  1. Job leads | New
  2. Job leads converted (Converted to Jobs)
  3. Deals - New
  4. Deals - Won
  5. Deals - Revenue

🔥PRO TIP: Once you've set up your Goals head over to this article which tells you how to use the Goals in Vincere Analytics. Check it out here 

🔥TOP TIP from our customers (Ryan Cleland-Bogle, Founder @ Tempting Ventures) For both business owners and employees, the solution is to track one key Goal; New first-round interviews per week.

This Goal ensures three things:

  • That there is consistency in new deals coming into your pipeline.
  • That each candidate gets as many interviews as possible – adding competitive tension with clients and increasing the likelihood that any of those deals will happen. 
  • That consultants are refining their process with each client and candidate interaction as possible, to increase the % chance of a placement

Stay tuned for more top tips from our customers. 

So get those  Goals setup for your team and let's start growing your business with Vincere! 👻 #TheVincereWay

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