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User Locations

Adding your companies office locations to Vincere

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User locations are your company’s office locations. It’s important to add these into the system and assign users to the correct location if you want to be able to view the stats for a specific location.

This can help you benchmark performance for different teams in different locations, and work out what your different offices can learn from one another.

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To add this, head to Settings and then choose Groups, Tags and Locations. Look for the Location tab to update your company's location.

Adding a new location:

To add a new location, click on the ‘Create new' button. This will pop out the new location form. Here you can enter the location name, location details and geotag the address.

NOTE: When creating a new location, the User’s Field in Location Settings will be left as blank

Geotagging the location:

To Geotag, simply search for the office’s location in the ‘Address (link to map’ field – you can search by country, city, zip/post code or address. Select your address from the dropdown and the fields inside the location form will automatically populate with information after you select an option.

Deleting a location:

When deleting a location, you need to be aware that any Candidate Sources or Users that have been assigned to that location need to be reassigned to a different location before the location can be deleted. If you select and delete a location that is attached to Candidates Sources and/or Users, you’ll be asked to reassign the Source or Users to another one of your locations.

Select the location for the Sources and Users to be moved from the dropdown boxes and press Merge. The old location will then be deleted.

Assigning a location to a user:

To make sure that your stats for different locations are accurate and up to date, you need to make sure that all users are assigned to the correct location.

You can do this in one of two ways:

Option 1 is to do it inside the user’s profile

  1. To assign an office/location to your users, head over to Settings > User Management.

  2. Select the user you want to edit

  3. Under 'Organisational Settings’, you’ll see a ‘Locations’ field. Here you can select which Offices your users belong to.

  4. Hit Save and voila!

Option 2 is to do this via the location settings in Groups, tags and locations:

  1. To assign and edit the locations per user, you can go to Settings

  2. Click on Groups tags and locations

  3. Click the location tab

  4. Select Settings with the user field. This field will let Admin User to set up and to add/remove in bulk Users tagged to the specific Location.

  5. Click on Save, and it should update on the user’s profile

Now you can start billing more and get those shiny new offices opened up around the world 💪🏻#TheVincereWay

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