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Candidate Sources | Data Source Dashboard
Candidate Sources | Data Source Dashboard

Allowing for visibility from the different sources in the recruitment process

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The Data Sources dashboard allows you to see where your Candidates or Contacts are coming from and how successful these sources are in the Business Development or Recruitment process.

🔥PRO TIP: The Candidate sources can be fully configured by your Vincere Super Users. Check out how to configure these here

 It's really easy to access this dashboard

1. Head over to Vincere Intelligence

2. Once you're in Intelligence, head into 'Data Sources'. 

From the pie charts, you can see:

a/ The total number of New Candidates added for the selected time period

b/ The total number of interview arranged (scheduled) in the 1st or 2nd+ interview stages

c/ The total number of placements made.

3. Scroll down to check out your top performing sources.

In the 'New Candidates by Month' graph, you can see which sources have brought you the most Candidates - and of course you can filter these results by various different time periods. In the table below, you can discover how successful Candidates from each source are in the recruitment process - allowing you to devote your resources to the places which are most likely to result in a successful placement. 


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