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Everything you need to know about Pay & Bill for Managers

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Key features of Pay & Bill for Managers

1. Approve/reject timesheets ✅

2. Approve/reject leave requests ✅

3. View outstanding timesheets ✅

4. Manage timesheets approved in error ✅

5. View employee schedule  ✅

6. Tracking Projects ✅

7. Pay & Bill on the go ✅

8. Manager vs Company admin ✅

1/ Approve/reject timesheets

When a timesheet is submitted to you, you’ll get a notification in the top right corner of Pay & Bill telling you that a new timesheet has been submitted. Just click here and you’ll see a list of timesheets that require your approval.

Click into the timesheet period you want to review and hit the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ button here to action. You can even Approve or Reject in bulk using the checkboxes.

Great news! It is as simple as that to approve or reject your employees’ timesheets. 

2/ Approve/reject leave requests

To view leave requests simply click into the leave request icon and choose the request, and tap approve or reject. Simple as that!

3/ View outstanding timesheets 

If a timesheet isn’t submitted on time then it will show in the “unsubmitted timesheet” tab. Pay & Bill will send out a reminder to the candidate when a timesheet is overdue reminding them to submit - you can configure this to happen weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. 

4/ Manage timesheets approved in error

If you approve a timesheet in error, then you can easily go in and unapprove it afterwards. To do this just click into the approved timesheet, and press the red unapprove button in the top right hand corner. This will remove the sales and purchase invoices (that were automatically created inside Vincere).

NOTE: If you reject a timesheet in error, there is no option to go back in and approve this timesheet. Your candidate will have to go back in to their Pay & Bill account and resubmit.

5/ View employee schedule

From the dashboard you can see your employee schedule. This shows you a weekly or monthly calendar view of who is working, who isn’t rostered to work, who has sick leave (approved or pending), and who is on holiday (approved or pending). Just click on the schedule tab to view this.

6/ Tracking Projects

You can create projects on Pay & Bill - this could be to separate assignments that you have at your company, or to allocate the employees’ time to a certain project they are working on.

To do this, go to the projects tab on the left hand side of Pay & Bill. Then press the green Add Project button, and add the details of your project. What this means for your employees is that they would be able to submit a timesheet 7 link it to the project. 

Once submitted, you can view how many hours have been worked towards that project, have reports sent to your email about who has contributed and how many hours, or export the report by PDF - meaning you can make sure your project is always on track.

7/ Pay & Bill on the go

Going to be away from your desk? Don’t worry - you will also receive an email notification with details of submitted timesheets and leave requests. This means if you are on-the-go, you can also approve or reject the timesheets or leave requests straight from your email without having to log into Pay & Bill.

8/ Manager vs Company admin

A company admin is a manager at a company who has the ability on Pay & Bill to perform more actions than managers. To get this access, please ask your recruiter to give you the permission.

The main difference is you will be able to view and access the details of timesheets, employees, jobs and contracts of all the managers at your company, not just your own.


To view the FAQs & see how to troubleshoot errors with Pay & Bill for Managers click here

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