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Reports v59 & v60 December ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence 📊
Reports v59 & v60 December ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence 📊
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Release Date: Saturday 9th December 2023

Downtime: Yes

Vincere Intelligence only may be unavailable from 2am-11am GMT 9/12/23

📊 All intelligence dashboards updated with new ATS stage “Applications” – final part.

Every dashboard has now been updated with the new ATS stage “Applications”, recently added to to Vincere Core. You can now monitor the trends of your applications over time, and the length of your entire pipeline, from the initial application through the placement stage, using all of the out-of-the box intelligence dashboards:

📊 The Forecaster now includes inactive jobs

The Forecaster dashboard now includes the ability to track inactive jobs (jobs with no current active applications). This allows you to build a forecast report, covering all your open jobs, and check the potential revenue coming from those jobs that still sit without any active applications, vs the ones that you’re already actively working on:

📊 Build your Future Revenue Report by client

When exporting data to CSV from the Future Fees dashboard, we now include a pivot table which contains company information, such as ID and Name, to enable you to see which client(s) you’ll be generating more (or less) revenue with -very powerful for future forecasting:

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