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Quick Add job type field configuration
Quick Add job type field configuration
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When adding a new job in Vincere through the quick add function, you can now customize the fields based on job types.

To customize the Quick add job fields, you need to have Administrator access in Vincere

To do this, you would need to go to Settings then click Field configuration

Once there, click the blue banner and select "Quick Add Job"

The screen will show you the Job types available. You can customize and assign the layouts to each one. Just click through the Job Type name to switch between different layouts.

You can navigate to the sections of this help article by clicking the links below:


How to add fields

To add fields, you can either search for the field using the search bar

Or you can also expand the sections and select the field you want to add to the layout

Once you find the field you want to add to the layout, you can click and drag it to the section where you want it to be displayed.

How to remove fields

To remove fields from a job type layout, you can use the X button on the right of the field that you want to remove

How to re-order fields

Once you've added your fields, you can use the burger icon to re-order the fields by clicking and dragging it to your desired section or spot.

How to make fields mandatory

Making a field mandatory will ensure that essential information is captured during the job creation process using the Quick add job screen.

To make a field Mandatory in the Quick add job screen, you would need to go to the job fields screen. To do this, just click the blue banner in the field configuration screen and click Job Fields

Once in the Job Fields screen, you can click on the Tick box to make the field Mandatory

Note: Setting a field mandatory will prevent users from saving a job with an empty mandatory field only in the Quick add job window.


Sections are segments to create field groupings in your Quick add Job layout.

How to Create Sections

To create a section, you can click and drag the section box from the left hand side panel. From here, you can rename the section and add fields as well.

How to Hide Sections

If you are still working on a layout and want to hide a section from the other users, you can use the hide button to hide it from view.

Once you're happy with the layout, don't forget to save so the changes you made would apply to all users.

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