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Vincere Portals update v1.14 May 2023
Vincere Portals update v1.14 May 2023
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We're pleased to announce the release of Vincere Portals v1.14

Below is a high-level overview of the latest updates that we’ve added.

Note: This update is for Vincere customers with Digital or Portals on their contract.

This feature allows candidates to add the expiry date of their uploaded onboarding documents.

How it works?

  1. If the document has not been uploaded yet, the field will be unclickable.

  2. Once a document is uploaded, a date picker box will appear prompting the candidates to select a date.

  3. The Document and the selected Expiry Date will be added to the Onboarding > Doc Checks tab and Files in Vincere

Previously, only CVs submitted on the CV Submission page have email notifications sent to an email address recipient.

With the new update, CVs uploaded inside the Candidate Portal also sends an email notification to the recipient.

Check out Template #14 Notification for CV and Cover Letter Submission from the Admin dashboard > Email Templates on your Portals account.

3/ Update to the Job's location

For consistency across the Vincere Portals module, all job's locations displayed are now pulled from the Town/City field.

This update is applied to the following areas:

  1. Job Listing page

  2. Job Details page

  3. Candidate Portal (Applications table and Job Consent table)

  4. Featured Jobs widget

How to update the Town/City field?

  1. Open the Job's details page inside Vincere

  2. Navigate to Job Details section > Job Location

  3. Click on the location icon to view the Location's details.

  4. Fill out Town / City

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