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Vincere Portals: CV Submission Page
Vincere Portals: CV Submission Page

Quick CV drop for your candidates

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This article is relevant only for customers who have access to the Vincere Portals (Digital) product.

The CV Submission page allows your candidate to submit their CV through the Portal and adds them as a new record in Vincere.

A candidate portal account or job application is not required.

The format of this page is "".

What happens in Vincere?

  1. A candidate profile will be created in Vincere if the candidate’s email address does not exist in Vincere yet.

  2. Uploaded files will be added to the Files tab on the candidate profile if the candidate already exists in Vincere.

Click on the link below to skip to the section you're interested in:

Adding the CV submission page

1. From the Admin dashboard, click on Job Portal.

2. Go to the navigation bar (left-hand corner) and select CV Submission

3. Click on the Main Content area

4. You will be presented with the Widgets tab (left side). From here, click on CV Submission

5. Review and update the following by clicking on the arrow ⬇️ beside the title section


Default Country - the selected country will be the default country in the Phone Number field

Update the Submit and Browse buttons, if needed.

CV | Resume Submission Form

Hide or show the fields by using the toggle beside the field name.

Put a check to the box to make it a mandatory field.

Consent Checkbox

Update the Consent Checkbox Text and links to your agency's terms of service and privacy policy.

To hide the either the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy links, click on the toggle.

Success Message

This is the message displayed to the candidate after submitting the CV form.

Email notification for new CV submitted

Admin users can set up email notifications and select recipients for the notification. The recipient (s) does not have to be a Vincere user.

1. From the Admin dashboard, click on Email Templates

2. Go to the Candidate emails section and select Notification for CV submission

3. Add the Recipient(s) email address

**Put a comma (,) after the first email if there are multiple recipients

4. Update the email content and add the wildcards found at the bottom of the email template settings (if needed)

💡Tip: The wildcard #DownloadCandidateResume# allows the recipient to download the candidate resume link

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