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What is MyPeople, how to get started, and where to go for support

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What is MyPeople?

MyPeople Recruit is an assessment tool for identifying and evaluating a candidate's role and culture fit for a job vacancy.

How does the MyPeople integration work?

Once a Job is created in Vincere and candidates have been shortlisted, you can choose to assess those candidates in MyPeople Recruit.

Start by navigating to a created Job record in Vincere. Click on the "Integrations" tab and select "My People." Here you can see the Job details, shortlist candidates against the Job, and send the hiring manager details via the MyPeople Recruit dashboard.

From there, you can send out selected candidate assessments and questionnaires to hiring managers for that particular role.

You will be notified once candidates and managers alike complete their assessments. Alternatively, keep track of their progress at all times from the Job record in Vincere.

When you’re ready to view the results, simply launch MyPeople Recruit from the Job record in Vincere to be taken directly to your job reports.

How can customers get started with My People?

Once you have a MyPeople account, click on the MyPeople tile in Vincere's Marketplace and set the toggle to "Enable."

Need Support?

For help with the MyPeople integration, write to

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