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FastTrack360: Send Companies to FastTrack360
FastTrack360: Send Companies to FastTrack360
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Records can be pushed to FastTrack360 independently, or they can all be pushed as part of the Placement.


A Company record can be sent to FastTrack360 prior to being added to a placement. The benefit of undertaking this task is to allow for time for a Debtor record to be created in FastTrack360. To push a Company record to FastTrack360, it can be done in 2 ways.

The first option is to select the Company by ticking the box against that record from the Company table view. This will enable the Actions tab to open on the right of the screen. At the bottom of the Actions tab, you will find a new heading for FastTrack360. Select “Send to FastTrack360”

The second option is to open the Company record and from the Actions menu select Send to FastTrack360.

This will open the data preview pane (if this has been turned on in the set-up in the Marketplace)

The Company record will also send the Cost Centre(s) (Vincere Location(s)) along with the Company record.

The left-hand column shows the fields that are to be pushed across to FastTrack360. The 2nd column shows the actual data from those fields that will be pushed across to FastTrack360. The 3rd column shows the fields that will be populated in FastTrack360, and the 4th column shows the data that exists in FastTrack360. In the above example, it shows the 4th column as blank, as no data exists currently in FastTrack360. If the candidate has previously been pushed to FastTrack360, the data will show in the 4th column. (See example below)

To complete the push to FastTrack360, press the Send button located at the bottom of the preview page. You will receive a confirmation pop up.

Once pushed to FastTrack360, details will be updated in the Company record to reflect the status of the push to FastTrack360. The icon in the top right-hand corner can be used to show the FastTrack360 ID as well as the ability to review the Audit Log. In addition, an Integrations tab will be visible that shows a sub tab that will indicate a FastTrack360 tab.

The FastTrack360 tab will bring back the FastTrack360 record for the Company that exists in FastTrack360.

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