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FastTrack360: Setting up FastTrack360 Templates
FastTrack360: Setting up FastTrack360 Templates
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Creating and linking Job templates for Job Orders in Vincere to FastTrack360 can be done through the Job or the placement. Just follow the steps below:

1. Create Job Template in Vincere

You can add your FastTrack360 Template to any stage of the Vincere workflow, starting with the Vincere Job Templates. Go to Settings -> Pay & Bill Settings -> Settings -> Job Templates

Create Job Templates in Vincere

You can either create a new template or change your existing templates.

Fill out your template as you normally would, selecting FastTrack360 as your Time Management

Once FastTrack360 is selected, the tab will appear on the job template

FastTrack 360 job templates can be set at multiple levels based on a hierarchy. They can be set at a country, brand, office, parent, client or cost centre (Vincere locations) level. Select from the hierarchy the template is set against in FastTrack360

Make all the selections required

From here, you can view the FastTrack360 template by clicking on the Preview Job Template button.

To ensure your forecasting data is as accurate as possible, add the pay and bill rates into the appropriate fields on the Rate Card. You can add on costs, or you can use a prebuilt on cost template to update this field to ensure the best forecast figures.

Link a Job Template to a Job order

We have added the capability to assign a FastTrack360 job template to a placement when it gets pushed or sent to FastTrack360.

For this to happen, the Job Type must be set as either Temporary or Contract. Then Go to the Job's Compensation and fees tab and click on Pay & Bill settings

Click FastTrack360.

You can also do this inside the placement by clicking on Pay & Bill settings and Clicking FastTrack360.

Next, select a Job Template based on their Hierarchy.

Note: To be familiar on how Hierarchy works in FastTrack360, please click here

Once you have selected a Job Template, they will have the ability to Preview the Job Template and generate the Connect Widget for it. From here, the user can edit the template based on their needs before assigning it to a Job Order.

When you hit “Apply”, the template will automatically link to the Placement and can be seen from the Data Preview before sending over the data.

IMPORTANT NOTE – FastTrack360’s Job Template requirements may vary depending on your FastTrack360 configuration. Please note that the Hierarchy must match the Job Order, and the Job Type from Vincere must also match the Job Template.

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