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FastTrack360: Vincere to FastTrack360 Integration
FastTrack360: Vincere to FastTrack360 Integration
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Both Fasttrack360 and Vincere are powerful platforms that can help streamline your recruitment processes. Together, these two systems can make it easy to keep track of your recruitment process, from initial contact to onboarding. It also allows you to create a seamless candidate experience by syncing all data across both systems.

Setting up the Fasttrack360 and Vincere integration is a breeze! It only takes a few minutes to get going and once it's done, you'll have access to both applications from one single point of access.

To enabled Fasttrack360 inside Vincere, you can follow the steps below:

Enabling the Integration

Please note that to do this, you'd need to be a system administrator user. Once logged in, click on Settings, launch the Vincere Marketplace and click on the FastTrack360 tile. The information tab will load, and the Contact button will take the user to the FastTrack360 website.


Once a customer has the information required from FastTrack360, they can enable the integration on the setup tab. The following fields need to be completed as per the image below

Once a connection has been made, further tabs will appear (Default Value & Settings)


There are 2 types of users for the integration between Vincere and FastTrack360. Agency User and Connect User.

Agency User

An agency user is a user who has both Vincere and FastTrack360 licences and must be set up in both systems and mapped to the corresponding User ID’s.

Connect User

A connect user is a user who only has a licence to Vincere and NOT FastTrack360. These Vincere users will be created as a connect user the first time they use the integration within Vincere and do not require any mapping in the set-up.

Set Default Values

FastTrack360 requires the default values to be set against required fields within the FastTrack360 Marketplace set up process. The default values will be used on Candidate, Company, Contact and Placement records. These values can be updated on each record to suit the business requirements, however a default is required.

The Office Code refers to the FastTrack360 Office Code that has been set up in FastTrack360.

Skill Group and Position are pulled from your business configuration in FastTrack360.

Candidate, Client and Contact status is suggested to be set to ACTIVE and Job Order (which refers to the Vincere placement record) suggested to be set to FILLED.


When data is pushed from Vincere to FastTrack360, there will be a data preview for the user to see what data is being pushed. Use this setting to turn that preview on or off.

Please note that when pushing multiple records or bulk push, the data preview will not be displayed.

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