Company Compliance
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Company Compliance

What does it do?

  • Prevent users from placing candidates for non-compliant companies (e.g.: have not signed Terms yet)

  • Easily filter companies that are compliant and non-compliant

  • Assign users who can update the compliance status

How does it work?

This setting gives you the ability to mark a Company as compliant. This means that users can only place workers to jobs of companies that are set as Compliant.

Important note

  1. Enable ability to mark a Company as compliant, user will not able to place / shortlist as candidates to non-compliant Companies

  2. Once toggle on, existing companies will have new field [Company Compliance] with default value = Compliant. New companies will have default value = Non-Compliant)

How to Enable Company compliance:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on Admin Settings

  3. Click the Edit button below Company Compliance

  4. Toggle the Company Compliance

  5. Click Save


Once company compliance has been switched on, existing companies are compliant by default. Any new company records to be created will be marked as non-compliant.

How to set up Company Compliance:

  1. After enabling the company compliance, Go to Settings

  2. Click on Field configuration

  3. Click on the blue banner on the top left and select Company Summary

  4. Click and Drag the Company compliance field in the layout field on the right.

  5. Hover over the field and click and drag the Green cross-hair icon to move the field in your desired area in the screen.

  6. Click on Save

How to Set user permission on who can update the company compliance:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click User management

  3. Select the user's name

  4. Click on the permission tab

  5. Tick the Company compliance under Companies

  6. Save

Note: Users without this permission will have the company compliance field greyed out for them


When shortlisting candidates for jobs, the jobs of non-compliant companies will not appear on the search list.

Placing candidates

When a company is tagged as compliant, users can make placements on the job with no problems. However, If a company is marked as non-compliant, candidate(s) cannot be placed in job(s) under the company.

A pop-up will appear as below:

Filter Search:

You can view the companies who are compliant or non-compliant on the CRM table.

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