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Consolidated Activities

All Activities (including Goals/KPIs) across all entities in one centralized table view

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See all Activities (including Goals/KPIs) across all entities in one centralized table view - it’s all right here, and it’s filterable.

Consolidated Activities is like a Swiss Army knife: it’s a multipurpose, precise tool that cuts through the influx of Activities happening across the platform.

a. View headline stats:

  • Offers an at-a-glance view of activity volume.

  • Filter by Date and Users to drill down into data.

    • Note: Unique records (like Candidates, Jobs, Companies etc.) will not add to the Total Activities.

b. Track history of record changes down to who made them (User) & when (Date):

  • Get an audit trail of edits and deletions of Activities/records. Think of it as an Activity log.

  • A better understanding of collaboration: shows what actions consultants are taking in relation to an entity/record.

  • See who made updates on Placements and the edit details.

c. Search Activities

  • By Entity name

  • By Summary: search for specific information/keywords

d. Apply a range of powerful filters

  • Activity Filters: this controls the type of Activities you see within the table.

  • Time Period

  • By Users

e. Activity Quick View

  • View Activity details in a Quick View panel.

  • Navigate through Activities within the Quick View panel using an up / down arrow.

f. New Activities Settings: Data anonymization

  • Under Admin Settings > Activities Settings, toggle on Data Privacy to redact personal data from deleted Candidate & Contact records

  • All Activities associated with the deleted Candidate or Contact will also redact the same data.

g. We’ve added a brand-new item on the Menu: click “Activities” to go to the Consolidated Activities dashboard.

Note: Brand Segmentation rules will apply to Consolidated Activities.

Consultants will only be able to see Brands they have been assigned to.

h. Placement Logs

  • Now you can track when changes have been made to Placement information. The following fields are tracked:

    1. Offer Date

    2. Booked Date

    3. Start Date

    4. End Date

    5. Primary Approver (Timesheets / Expenses / Leave)

    6. Secondary Approver (Timesheets / Expenses / Leave)

    7. Time Interval

    8. Pay & Bill Rate

    9. Pay Rate Added / Removed

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