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Manage your Portals site’s general settings

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Set your Portal's site settings including logo, site title, site SEO, Google for Jobs and GDPR.

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Log in to your Portals account and click Site Settings.

1/ Site

Site Logo: This will be your company logo.

Favicon: This is the graphic image (icon) that will show on the browser tab of your website.

Site Title: The name of your Portals site (eg. Recruit Magic). This will be used as a placeholder/wildcard for emails when there is no logo uploaded.

Site Email: The default email address is To update the site email address to yours, kindly reach out to the Support Team.

Unit of measurement: Default metric for the job's radius location

Date Format: Default format for all dates on your website

Currency Format: Default currency for the jobs

Job Portal Toggle - Enable the job portal to make it available in the customizer

Allow Job Alert - Enable allow job alert for your candidates to receive notifications on job criteria that they follow

Default Search Radius - This will be displayed as the search location radius on your job listing page.

Candidate Application - Choose your candidate application workflow.

Candidate Portal - Enable the candidate portal to make it available in the customizer

Data syncing to Vincere

  • Sync all: When a candidate updates their information in the Candidate Portal, this data will auto sync to Vincere and vice versa. (recommended)

  • Don't Sync: Don't sync Work Experience, Education and Professional Info, Vincere and Digital Hub can have their own data.

Client Portal - Enable the client portal to make it available in the customizer

2/ SEO

You only need to set up the page’s SEO from one place (either from the Dashboard or from the Customizer).

  • Image Cover: This is the image displayed when sharing the job on social media

  • Title: Enter the Page’s title that you want to display on search results and browser tabs.

  • Description: provide a short description of your page (Note: ideal length is 155 characters). Your page's meta description appears below the page title and URL in search results.

  • Keywords: enter relevant keywords about your page’s content.

  • Twitter Card Site: @username of website. Used with summary, summary_large_image, app, player cards. What is a Twitter Card? | Overall of all Twitter Card tags

  • 301 Redirection: set up 301 Redirections from the post's old URL to a new one.

See this article for more information on SEO setup.


*The tab is available if you have the Candidate Portal enabled

Show Cookie Policy: In accordance with data privacy regulations, you must inform your visitors that you are using cookies on your site. This can be done by enabling the toggle on your site's cookies in your privacy policy.

Show Consent Management Form: When toggled ON, once the candidate logs in to the candidate portal, they will be presented with the Consent Management form.

Send Request Consent email: When toggled ON, after the candidate registers and activates their account, they will automatically receive an email to manage their consent in the portal.

4/ Integrations

Google Jobs - Toggle ON to allow Google for Jobs. Digital submits the address, company details and salary to Google. Toggle them OFF if you wish not to share these details online.

ReCaptcha - Toggle ON to help protect your site from spam and abuse. Click here to setup.

Google Analytics - Toggle ON to add your Google Analytics tracking ID. Click here to setup.

Google Tag Manager - Toggle ON to add your GoogleTag Manager tracking ID. Click here to setup.

Click ‘Update’ to apply the changes.

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