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How to Send Vinneo Invitations
How to Send Vinneo Invitations

Sending out invites to Candidates to complete a Vinneo interview

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You can send out Vinneo invitations to Candidates from Vincere Core by going to the Actions menu. Simply tick the boxes next to the Candidate name(s) you want to invite and click “Send Vinneo invitation.”

You will then be brought to the page below which will help you set up the invitation email. You can either choose an existing Vinneo Template or create a new one from here.

To use an existing Template, select one from the drop down menu then hit “Next.”

Once you click on “Next,” it will take you to an options menu for Template settings and questions. You can preview or edit the Template before sending the invitation.

When you’re ready, hit “Next” and the email composer will pop up. You can select the Candidate to send the message to here, upload any attachments, then pass on the invitation by simply clicking “Send.”

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