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Using the Vinneo Outreach Chrome Extension
Using the Vinneo Outreach Chrome Extension

Quick and easy outreach video via the Chrome extension bar

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How to download the Vinneo Outreach extension

First, head over to Vincere's Marketplace to activate the consultant’s Vinneo permissions.

The consultant will get an email to set up a username and password, as well as a link to download the Vinneo Outreach extension.

Starting an Outreach video

Once the extension is added to your browser, click on the Vinneo Outreach icon on your extension bar to create a quick Outreach at any time. You can click here to start recording your message.

Note 📣 The minimum length of an Outreach video is 5 seconds, and the maximum is 10 minutes.

Once you’ve finished recording, you can choose a still image from the video as a thumbnail. This will be the image shown whenever you send out a link to this Outreach video.

Making an Outreach video

To send your Outreach video to one person, select the “Contact” or “Candidate” option and search for their name in the menu below.

If you choose one of these options, it will send your Outreach to that person and add the video to their Files tab in Vincere.

You can also choose not to link to a Candidate or Contact. This lets you post the video freely to social media.

Personalizing an Outreach video

At the end of your recording, you have the option to make the Outreach message more personalized.

Note 📣 All personalization settings are optional. To send the Outreach video without them, copy the video URL from under “Quick Action” and send it directly.

Step one of personalized Outreach is adding a note that goes along with the video. Enter your message under “Outreach message.” This message will be shown to the viewer along with the video.

For the second step, you can add any attachments that you’d like to send along with the Outreach (for example, a CV along with a video introducing a Candidate).

To track interactions with your Outreach on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can add pixel settings on Step Three.

Once your recording and personalization settings are done, hit “Save and finish” and copy the Outreach URL to send.

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