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Recording Vinneo Interviews | Candidates
Recording Vinneo Interviews | Candidates

How Candidates can film interview answers via Vinneo

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To get started on a Vinneo interview, Candidates will receive an invitation via email to answer some questions.

Before officially starting the interview, the Candidate has the opportunity to check out the video quality and settings with a short test clip. This won’t be included in the final interview added to their profile.

To make the interview recording look its best, we recommend the following to Candidates:

  • Dress professionally

  • Test your tech

  • Set up your shot (good lighting, quiet area, no distractions)

Once they’re ready, Candidates can start the interview by clicking the button that says “Everything is working.”

There’s a time limit set to answer the given question(s). When the Candidate is done answering one, they can click “Next” to answer the following question.

Note 📣: If the Redo interview toggle is set to “on” by the consultant in Vinneo settings, the Candidate has two takes to record their answers.

Once all questions have been completed, the Candidate will be taken to a confirmation page where they can submit their full interview.

All it takes is to hit the “Complete” button, and it’s sent back to their Candidate profile for review.

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