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Viewing Vinneos in a Candidate Profile
Viewing Vinneos in a Candidate Profile

Get a quick view right from the Candidate’s record

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To review a Candidate’s interview videos, head over to the Candidate profile and select the Files tab. Here you’ll find all documents and videos associated with this Candidate’s record.

You can also view videos from the Pay & Bill > File Library tab.

Multiple video templates can be sent to Candidates. You can also have multiple Vinneo recordings tagged to each record.

When the video file name is clicked, this will take you to the recording:

This page will also show other functionalities like a comments section for consultants, a Redo interview toggle, a Resend email button, and the Video status.

  • Comments: Any comments added to the video recording page will only be visible internally and will not be sent to Candidates or Contacts.

  • Redo interview: This toggle must be manually turned on by the consultant. When set, it allows Candidates to retake their video answers during the interview. Candidates can only re-record each individual answer once.

  • Resend email: This button is available if the Candidate has fully completed the video interview. Use this to invite the Candidate to complete the entire interview again, such as when the video quality is poor or there are missing details.

Video Statuses: Below are the different Statuses and their meanings:

  • Sent: The email invitation has been sent to the Candidate.

  • Pending: The email invitation hasn’t reached the Candidate yet.

  • Error: An invitation email cannot be sent.

  • Started: The Candidate has clicked the invitation link and started to record their answers, but the interview is still in progress.

  • Completed: The Candidate has submitted the required videos.

  • Retake: Shows when the video interview was completed and a consultant has sent a Resend email invitation.

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