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  1. Creating custom fields

  2. Configuring the candidate’s summary page

  3. Creating mandatory fields

  4. Custom fields types

  5. Placement custom fields

  6. Custom Wildcards for Document Builder

From the Settings, go to Field Configuration.

The configuration tool allows you to create any field you'd like in your Candidates, Contacts, Jobs, Company records & Placements.

You can select from the types of custom fields to a record inside Vincere.

For candidate records, you can add more fields, rearrange the layout of the fields, remove the fields that are not relevant to you.

You can also make the custom fields as wildcards and you will be able to use this on the Document Builder. You can create a maximum of 50 Wildcards.

Inside the Document Builder, you’ll be able to see a new tab called custom in the wildcard area. This is where the custom wildcards you have enabled can be found. Simply use search to find your custom wildcard and click on it to add it to your document.

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