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Updates to Shift Scheduler, New Job Templates, Availability, Deals & much more

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We’ve made a ton of updates to Shift Scheduler to make managing Candidates and Temp / Contract Shifts more streamlined.

1/ UI Updates

a. Shift Drawer added

We've updated the interface so that creating a shift opens in a drawer that slides out from the right versus what was previously a pop-up dialog.

b. Shift Details

You'll now be able to update all details related to a created Shift (Add worker, Change shift detail, Change Search criteria) from the Shift Drawer.

c. Worker Tab

  • In both the Pre-booked and Booked sections, we’ve added tags next to Candidate names. These tags show the following actions that were performed:

    • SMS sent

    • Email sent

    • Previously Booked

  • Added filter for Candidates in both the Pre-booked and Booked section

2/ *New* Shift Scheduler Day View

We have added a brand new Day View for you to drill down into empty slots within a day and quickly add Jobs, shifts, and book workers.

To add a shift or Job to an empty hour in the calendar, click the “Add” button on any of the columns.

The Quick Add Job menu will appear with the default Job Type set to Temp and the shift drawer opens for you to add details like Shift Templates or Recurring Type (None / Weekly / Annual / Pattern).

There are two Day View options in Shift Scheduler:

  1. Hours: Shows columns in one-hour increments

  2. Full Day: Shows columns in three-hour increments (default view)

To help with usability, Vincere defaults Day View to show the current time based on your time zone settings.

3/ *New* Shift Scheduler Stats

We’ve added headline Stats to the top of the Scheduler:

  • Companies

  • Jobs

  • Workers

  • Total Shifts

  • Unassigned Shifts

  • Booked Shifts %

  • Booked Hours

At the bottom, you’ll get an at-a-glance indication of:

  • Booked Shifts

  • Partially Booked Shifts

  • Open Shifts

4/ Autobook and Manual Book

In the Workers tab, you can now set Candidate Booking settings:

  1. Autobook (default)

  2. Manual Book

Manually booking Candidates gives you full control to decide if you’d like to finalize the booking or save the Candidate for another Job.

If you choose Manual Book, a Candidate that has accepted the shift will show in the Pre-booked Candidates section with their name highlighted in blue.

5/ *New* Search Tab in Shift Scheduler

The Search Tab has been added to the Shift Detail drawer to save search criteria for a particular Job or Shift.

The Search criteria are automatically loaded from the Shift’s details (Date / Time / Availability), and if selected from data in the set Job Template.

You can also use a Search Template to fill all fields in the Search Tab.

6/ *New* Automatch

If you always use the same Search criteria to fill a particular Job, you can use the new “Automatch” button. This will return Candidates matching your set search criteria, including Availability matching based on the Job dates/times. From the Search screen you can then further refine the search to pre-book or directly book your preferred matches.

7/ Pre-book and Book Candidates

When you’ve searched for a Candidate, you have the option to Pre-book or Book them to a Job shift.

You can do this from Candidate Search or from the Quick Search in Shift Scheduler.

8/ *New* Shift Patterns

In Shift Scheduler, you now have the power to set recurring weekly patterns for Temp & Contract Job shifts.

There are two settings that you can adjust:

  1. Hours setting

  2. Pattern length (max 8 weeks)

For example, you might have a Job in nursing where a worker has two weeks on, two weeks off, with different shift start times on weekends. You can set the Shift Pattern for this Job once and get to rapidly making Placements. This pattern will repeat for the length of the job, based on your start and end dates.

9/ *New* Bulk Book Candidates

Inside the Shift Scheduler’s Quick Add, you now have the option to bulk-select Candidates to place to a Job.

When a Candidate has an existing Placement, you can view their Placement information in the Pay & Bill tab and the Placement tab.

10/ *New* Complete Placement Booking from Scheduler

When moving a Candidate or multiple Candidates to the booking stage you will be able to add all mandatory Placement details here and complete the process without leaving the Scheduler.

You can also add Pay & Bill details from here. If you’re using Vincere Pay & Bill, the Placement will be automatically sent to TimeTemp.


11/ UI Updates

a. PTO Settings

  • Removed Accruals Tracking and Bill to Client checkboxes

b. Contract / Temp Jobs

  • Compensation & Fees tab

    • Updated to add Job Templates dropdown menu

    • Updated to add Headcount field

    • Added new Search Tab within Contract / Temp Jobs

    • Updated Quick Add Job UI to align with new Job compensation

      • New Pay & Bill Settings dialog

      • Users can apply a Job Template under Quick Add Job

12/ *New* Job Templates

Job Templates are configurable templates with compensation data that can be set up and applied when you create Jobs.

Set the following compensation structures for any Job and apply with one click:

  • Rate Card Templates

  • On-costs Templates

  • Time Interpretation Templates

  • Search Templates

  • Shift Templates

Job Templates can be aligned to company, work location, country and state. Only Job Templates that match the conditions of the Job can be selected from the dropdown menu within that Job.

To set up a new Job Template, go to Pay & Bill Settings > Job Templates tab.

Note 📣 When setting up an Australia-based Job Template, a dialog will appear and ask if you will keep default on-costs for that state.

The Time Management dropdown menu in Job Templates has three options:

  1. Manual

  2. Vincere Pay & Bill

  3. Astute Payroll

If you choose Vincere Pay & Bill, it will automatically sync Job information between Core and Pay & Bill, as well as allow you to configure TimeTemp settings.

Under Create Job Template > Settings, you can also select permissions to allow others to change the Job parameters during the creation of a Job. To enable Edit mode on the Job or Placement, change the template name to "Custom" and the fields will become editable.

13/ Config Table

Under Pay & Bill Settings > Config Table > Create New Item you can set the types available for the following fields in Job Templates:

  • Awards

  • Insurances

  • Agreements

  • Shift Name

  • Taxes

  • Optional Factors

  • Pay Level & Overtime

  • Allowances

  • Expenses

  • *New* Loadings

14/ *New* Rate Card Templates

Rate Card Templates can be set up either to be associated with one Job Template, or can be pulled later when you make new Job Templates.

When setting up a new Job Template, you can either pull a Rate Card Template from a dropdown menu, or create a new one under the Rate Card tab.

There are two places where you can create Rate Card Templates:

  1. Pay & Bill Settings > Rate Card tab

  2. Within a Job Template

There are three tabs within Rate Card templates:

  1. Rates

  2. Allowances

  3. *New* Loadings (one for our customers in ANZ)

15/ *New* On-costs Templates

This allows you to build up various on-cost calculations and set them as a reusable template. Now you don’t have to add various state taxes, workers’ compensation, or other costs into every Job.

There have been updates made to the following settings under On-costs:

  • In Pay: When selected, this will add In Pay to Pay and On-costs. When not selected, it will not add to Pay but still be added to On-costs.

  • In Bill: When selected, this will add On-costs as a raw number.

  • Markup: When selected, this will add the marked-up On-costs. When Margin is selected in Settings, this will be calculated as Margin instead.

Note 📣 If you don’t select In Pay, the cost won’t be added to Pay in the main calculation. But it will still be added to your On-costs.

16/ *New* Time Interpretation Templates

We’ve centralized the Timesheet Settings, Pay Rules & OT and moved it into a new Time Interpretation tab.

17/ *New* Search Templates

Search Templates let you save a quick template that will always pull data for the same information and requirements you need.

Search templates work perfectly for Shift Scheduler and lets you Automatch Candidates with the right requirements you need with speed and precision.


We’ve revamped the Availability feature to include not just Candidates’ available times, but also view Booked Shifts and Leave Requests.

This information syncs into TimeTemp so that all Recruiters, Managers and Employers/ Workers can view Availability schedules inside TimeTemp too.

18/ UI Updates

We’ve given Availability a proper facelift to match the look and feel of the rest of Vincere:

  • Availability Overview

  • Add Availability

  • Displays Multiple Availability

  • Hover over for more info about Booked Shift

  • Leave Requests from TimeTemp will display as Unavailable

19/ Availability Updates

You can now get visibility into different statuses on a Candidate’s calendar:

  • Availability

  • Shifts

  • Availability Unknown

We’ve changed the Availability status so you can see if a Candidate is available both before and after a shift.

Candidates will now have the option to add their Availability from TimeTemp, and not just the Candidate Portal.


20/ UI Updates

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of Deals, added headline Stats & reorganized sections for greater ease of use:

  • Updated Headline: Deal Name, Deal Status and related Jobs, Owners, Company & Contacts

  • New Chevrons Stats: Stage name, Forecast Fee, Probability & No of days in stage

  • New Divided tabs / sections: View Deal information and Activities / Files / Jobs at the same time.

  • Reorganized sections: General Information, Company Information, Fee Information

  • Edit / Save buttons: Click into each section to edit & hit “Save”

21/ *New* Quick View

We’ve added Quick View for Deals, plus a new button that allows you to switch from Quick View to Full View instantly.

22/ *New* Activity Log

You can now keep track of all Activities (and detailed information) against Deals.

We’ve also added a new Filter Activities by Date / Users.

23/ New Action: Link Jobs to Deal

A brand-new action to link multiple Jobs to a Deal (and a Deal to Jobs). This allows you to track the success of Jobs / Job Leads to Deals for more accurate reporting.

24/ Deal Forecast

You now have two actions for forecasting: Calculate by Apply by Deal Fee or Apply from Job Forecast.

This will pull through into Deals Dashboard. *Coming Soon

25/ Deal Status Automation

Select from one of these options to automatically update Deal Status to Won when:

  • Status is changed manually

  • One of the Jobs linked to this Deal is Placed & Closed

  • All Jobs that are linked to this Deal are Placed & Closed

26/ Smart Views in Deals

Now you have the ability to add more columns and create Smart Views in a Deal Table.

The following fields are now available:

  • Job

  • Headcount

  • Current Stage

  • Latest Activity Date

  • Forecast Fee

  • Booked Fee

  • Branch

  • Brand

27/ New fields under Quick Add Deal

When working in Quick Add Deal, you now have the ability to specify Group, Brand, Branch & Division.

Note 📣 Want get started with Deals? It’s available as an add-on module. Please reach out to us via the Help Center or send an email to


28/ UI Updates

  • We’ve moved the section to configure Candidates’ LiveList settings & the Email Composer into two separate tabs.

  • Wildcard: Now displayed and editable inside Email Composer



1/ New Scheduler view

We’ve changed the Scheduler to display shifts by Worker. Now you can see multiple events, and have the option to show more or view all events in the day.

2/ Stats for Scheduler

We've added a bunch of headline stats to the Scheduler:

  • Worked (All Shifts)

  • Worked (Hour Shifts)

  • Worked (Hours)

  • Worked (Day Shifts)

  • Canceled / DNW

  • Leave (Holidays)

  • Leave (Sick)

  • Late Shifts

3/ Updated Worker Availability

Workers, Recruiters & Managers can now add and modify Availability directly from within TimeTemp.

4/ Quick Add Timesheet Update

We’ve revamped the UI of Quick Add Timesheet, including a new ability to select Worked Days.

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