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Release v17.0.12 Nov ‘21 | Vincere Core and Pay & Bill Enhancements
Release v17.0.12 Nov ‘21 | Vincere Core and Pay & Bill Enhancements

New Primary User Group and Primary Job Owner statuses, updates to Pay & Bill and Intelligence, and more

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1/ *New* Primary User Group

We’ve added the option to assign a Primary status to a user that belongs to multiple Brands, Branches, Divisions, or Teams.

To add or update a user’s Primary group settings, go to User Management > Username > Organizational Settings. Click on the star next to the Brand/Branch/Division/Team that you want to set as Primary.

Note 📣 Only Administrators can assign or change Primary Brands from User Management.

2/ *New* Primary Job Owner

You can now select one consultant as Primary Job Owner. This setting will apply to Digital sites, and sets only the Primary Job Owner to appear in the Job Portal rather than the whole team of consultants who worked on the job.

This setting will also be displayed in the Activity log for Job Owner updates.

To set a Primary Job Owner, select the star next to a consultant’s name. You can do this within the Job Profile:

Or from Quick View Job:

You can also do a Bulk Ownership update. From the Job Profile select one or multiple Jobs, then click on Action > Update Ownership.

Note 📣 If the Job has multiple Job Owners now, no Primary Job Owner will be set when this update is released.


3/ *New* Account Code

We’ve added a new field for Companies: Account Code.

This allows you to assign an Account Code to a Company and pull it via Data Export to your payroll system. Account Codes will now be included along with all other invoice information.

To set a Company’s Account Code, go to Billing Location and enter it in the “Account Code” field.

4/ Invoice UI Update: “Hours not applied”

Vincere will automatically remove the “Hours not applied” line from invoices when the quantity equals 0.


5/ Refresh by Report

When you refresh a dashboard inside Intelligence, you now have the option to refresh all dashboards or just the current one. This stops interruptions to the system for other simultaneous users.

6/ *New* Filter by Jobs or Headcount

Filter the Jobs Stats dashboard to show calculations by Jobs or Headcount. This gives you better insights into Jobs health and the pipeline.

7/ *New* Ratio: Job Leads to Jobs

A new ratio has been added to the Ratios & Splits tab: you’ll now know the conversion rates from Job Leads to Job.

8/ UI Updates to Ratios & Splits

In the AI Coach, we’ve rearranged the order & rows of ratios by category to make it easier for you to find the stats you’re looking for.

9/ Retainers in Ratios & Splits

Also in AI Coach, the pie chart of the Ratio & Splits report now includes information from Retained Jobs.

10/ New Activities in the User Engagement Dashboard

You can now track even more activities in the User Engagement dashboard: New Deals, Won Deals, and Lost Deals.

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