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Report v37 November '21 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report v37 November '21 Release | Vincere Intelligence

New “Refresh by Report” feature, a new filter for Job Stats, plus AI Coach and User Engagement enhancements✨

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1/ Refresh by Report

When refreshing a dashboard inside Intelligence, you now have two options:

  • Refresh all dashboards

  • Refresh current dashboard

If you choose to refresh the current dashboard, no other dashboards in Intelligence will be affected. This means that more than one person can view, use & drill down into analytics at the same time.

Note 📣 The Refresh by Report feature is not available for Advanced Forecasting, HMRC Intermediaries dashboards, or for any custom dashboards.

2/ *New* Filter by Jobs or Headcount | Jobs Stats

We’ve added a brand new filter to the Jobs Stats dashboard: Calculations by Jobs or Headcount.

  • Filter by Jobs: the dashboard displays Job data

  • Filter by Headcount: the dashboard displays Headcount data

Viewing the dashboard by Headcount will offer better insights into Jobs health & the pipeline:

  • What's the total headcount of Jobs that are not open anymore?

  • Is there a higher inactive headcount than active headcount?

  • What is my consultants’ workload compared to the headcount of Jobs available?

3/ New Ratio: Job Leads to Jobs | AI Coach

A new ratio has been added to the Ratios & Splits tab: you’ll now know the conversion rates from Job Leads to Job.

4/ UI Updates to Ratios & Splits | AI Coach

We’ve rearranged the order & rows of ratios by category to make it easier for you to find the stats you’re looking for.

The first row shows you Job related ratios:

  • Contact Calls to Jobs

  • Contact Meetings to Jobs

  • Job Leads to Jobs

  • CVs Sent to Jobs

The second row shows you Placement related ratios:

  • CVs Sent to 1st Int.

  • CVs Sent to Placement

  • 1st Int. to Placement

  • % of Returning Clients

5/ Retainers now included in the AI Coach | Ratios & Splits

The pie chart of the Ratio & Splits report now includes information from Retained Jobs. The report will give you a complete breakdown of your placements and fees.

6/ New Activities | User Engagement Dashboard

You can now track even more activities in the User Engagement dashboard:

a. New Deal Activities:

  • New Deals

  • Won Deals

  • Lost Deals

This answers the questions: “How many new deals have been created in the current month? How many did we win? How many did we lose?"

b. New Interview Activities:

  • Cancelled Interviews

  • Rescheduled Interviews

This will tell you: “How many interviews have been cancelled or rescheduled?”

c. New Placement Activities:

  • Renewals

  • Temp Placements Converted to Perm

  • Placements Undone

  • Contracts Terminated

This answers: “How many placements have been renewed or converted to permanent jobs?”

And: “How many placements have been cancelled or terminated?”

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