Please find below appendices for the VOL.2 Fees eBook. The below will provide the visual references for the data source tables:


Breakdown of all the data points used to create the dashboards.

Fees Visual Reference

Booked Fees Overview

Booked Fees measure the total fee value of Placements, including Permanent, Contract and Temp fees. It also includes invoiced Retainers and Deals won (that are not linked to Jobs).

All fees displayed here are pulled from details for Placements, Renewals & Retainers.

The following visual references show where each data point is pulled from.

From Placed stage:

From Compensation page in Applications:

The report also includes the cost of sales, which are fees related to the direct cost of making the Placement.

Actual Fees Overview:

These are the fees generated through your Approved & Sent invoices for all Permanent, Contract or Temporary Placements and Retainers.

You can view the profit generated vs the revenue targets.

This data is pulled from the data which can be viewed in the Invoices section.

Fee Splits Visual Reference

The Fee Splits report breaks down commission & profit splits from Placements, Renewals, and Retainers.

From Compensation page in Applications:

From Profit splits in the invoice:

Leaderboard Visual Reference

The Leaderboard makes it easy to see breakdowns of performance per individual consultant, based on fees won and types of Placements made.

From User Management:

From Placed stage:

From the revenue targets in Goal Console:

Job Flow Visual Reference

The Job Flow dashboard offers an overview of the percentage of Jobs placed, average days to Placement, and other information like whether Placement rates are going up or down.

From Jobs table:

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