Posting jobs in Vincere is super easy!

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1. Before posting checklist

2. How to post job(s)

3. How to find posted jobs in Vincere

1/ Before posting your Job(s), here are a few things you'd want to check:

1️⃣ Adding Job Description

To add the job description, just head to your list of jobs in the CRM.

  1. Go to the Job's details page

  2. Click the Descriptions & Ratings tab

  3. Open Job Summary > enter a short description of the job > click Save.

The Job Summary will be displayed on your Jobs (Job Search /Job Listing) page

4. Open Public Job Description > enter the full description of the job > click Save.

The Public Job Description will be displayed on your website when Candidates click on the Job the see the Job's details.

NOTE: You don't need to format the text in Vincere. Digital will automatically format the Job Descriptions based on your styling and settings on Digital.

Other notes or information about the job that you don't want to share with the public can be added in the Internal Job Description section.

Want to add images to the job description? Click HERE

2️⃣ Setting up Job's location

If you're displaying the job's location on your website, make sure to enter the Town / City of the Job Location inside Vincere.

  1. Open the Job's details page inside Vincere

  2. Navigate to Job Details section > Job Location

  3. Click on the location icon to view the Location's details.

  4. Fill out Town / City

3️⃣ Tagging jobs with Industry, Sub-Industries, Functional Expertise and Sub-Functional Expertise

Tagging your jobs is very important as the jobs' tags will show as facet values in the Industries / Functional Expertise facets on the Job Portal.

  1. Open the Job's details page inside Vincere

  2. Navigate to Job Details section > Industry, Sub Industry, Functional Expertise, Sub Functional Expertise.

Learn more about the tags and how to configure them here.

4️⃣ Setting up Compensation & Fees

If you're displaying the job's Salary / Pay Rates on your website, make sure to set up the following:

For Permanent Job:

  1. Salary Type

  2. Salary per month and Annual Salary

For Contract Job:

  1. Time Interval

  2. Pay

2/ How to post job(s)

To post job(s) from Vincere to your Jobs (Job Search / Job Listing) page on your Digital site:

  1. Open Jobs in your Vincere ATS

  2. Select the Job(s) you want to post

  3. From the Actions panel, select Post

  4. Toggle from Private to Public

As soon as you toggle from Private to Public your job will be instantly posted out to your Jobs page.

3/ How to find posted Jobs in Vincere

To see the list of jobs posted on your website in Vincere:

  1. Open Jobs in Vincere

  2. Navigate to column Open/Closed Job

  3. Filter by Open

You can also create a Smart View to see the Jobs that are being published. Click here for more information on Smart View and Table Configuration.

Here's an example of the table view showing you the Jobs that are currently being posted on your website.

  1. Open/Closed Job = Job Open

  2. Job Post = Posted

⚠️ NOTE: The Jobs will be "unpublished" from your Jobs page if:

  1. All the headcounts have been filled (placed)

  2. The Job reaches the Sourcing Close Date

  3. The Job is switched to Private inside Vincere by a user (Select Actions > Post > switch to Private)

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