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Duplicating a Page | Vincere Portals
Duplicating a Page | Vincere Portals
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If you have pages that have a similar layout, you can create a page and duplicate that page to create other pages.

NOTE: You can only duplicate these content types: Single Pages, Single Events, Single Posts and Single Contact pages.

Default pages such as Homepage, Job Portal, Candidate Registration, etc. can’t be duplicated.

To duplicate a page:

  1. Open the page that you want to duplicate

  2. Click Design

  3. Choose Duplicate Page

  4. Give your page a Page Name and a Page URL (Permalink)

  5. Click Save to duplicate the page.

What will be duplicated? Only overridden settings/styling/widgets and the page content will be copied over to the new page.

NOTE: Make sure the Page Name and Page URL are unique before duplicating. If the Page Name and Page URL are existing on your site, you will see "-1" added to the page URL when the page is created, e.g: http://yourdomain/contact/refer-a-friend-1.

To edit the Page Name and Page URL:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard

  2. Click on the content type that you've created: Posts / Events / Pages / Contact Form

  3. Click Edit

  4. In the Content tab, edit the Title (Page Name) or Permalinks (Page URL)

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that sites with a large number of pages may take longer to load and may also affect the performance of the Customizer.

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