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Report v35 August ‘21 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report v35 August ‘21 Release | Vincere Intelligence

Dashboard updates in Dark Mode, Customer Support within Vinny Intelligence, a new Future Fees report, and more🎁

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1/ Dark Mode for all dashboards

The Dark Mode option is now available for all dashboards in Intelligence. Plus, when switching between dashboards, the Dark Mode will “stick” across reports. If you’re a Dark Mode aficionado, now you don’t have to click on the Dark Mode option every time you go to a new dashboard.

2/ Customer Support from within Intelligence

You can now directly contact Customer Support from any of the Intelligence Dashboards. When you need help on Intelligence, simply click on the chat icon - this saves you time without having to go back to Vincere Core.

3/ Data Integrity Refresh Update

Now, thanks to improvements we made to data querying and warehousing, the Data Integrity dashboard gets automatically refreshed twice a day.

You can also refresh it manually once every 30 minutes (along with all other Intelligence Dashboards). Just click on the refresh button, then reload your browser.

Note: The Data Integrity Dashboard shows data with a Last Activity Date or Created Date within the selected date filter.

4/ More Candidate fields in Data Integrity reports

You can now have more insights on the data integrity of your Candidates by looking at the Candidate report in the Data Integrity dashboard.

The report shows up to 15 top Candidate fields, according to the Integrity Weight you’ve set in your Field Configuration. It’s now easier than ever to know which Candidates have empty values in the fields that are most important for you.

5/ Updates to parsing logic in Data Integrity

When the Data Integrity dashboard was first released, candidates parsed before the update weren’t reflected on the dashboard.

We’ve changed that - now the Data Integrity shows Parsed Candidates whose details have been parsed even before the Data Integrity dashboard was released.

Please note that for a Candidate to be considered parsed, both Work History and Education details must have been parsed; this includes migrated data, data coming from Velocity, and import from CSV.

Also, note that Candidates that have been parsed before the Data Integrity release will have no Parsed Date available.

6/ New Future Fees report: Unit Fee Data by Consultants

Want to know the amount of future revenue from each of your consultants? Now you can have it with the new report “Unit Fee Data by Consultants.”

In the Future Fees dashboard, click on the “Unit Fee Data” tab, and then on “Unit Fee Data By Consultant”. The new report shows the future revenue generated by each consultant across the upcoming months.

The new report is also included when you export files, as a Pivot table (“Unit Fee Pivot”) and as raw data (“Unit Fee Data”).

Also, the “Unit Fee Data” report in the Future Fees dashboard now shows the total for each month.

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