When linking a widget to open a page on your site, you can choose whether that page should open in the same tab or a new tab on your browser.

Applied on the following widgets:

  1. Text - in Button

  2. Button - in Settings

  3. Listing - in Readmore

  4. Grid Icons - in Allow Link

  5. Job Listing - in Readmore

  6. Latest Entries - in Readmore

  7. Breadcrumbs - in Settings

  8. Link to Social Network - in Settings

To set a page link to open in a new tab:

  1. Open the Widget Settings

  2. Depending on the widget, go to the section in the Widget Settings (see Widgets applied above)

  3. Select New Tab under Open Link In

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Publish when you want the changes to go live

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