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Centralized Login, Support for Multi-Agency Workers/Employees, and much more

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We've made some updates to centralize, simplify, and better connect TimeTemp to your Vincere account.

1/ Centralized Login

All TimeTemp users, regardless of region, can now log in via the same URL: app.timetimp.io.

If you still have the old region-based URL booked (ap., au., eu., or us.), don't worry - it will automatically redirect.

We've also simplified the setup experience for DoorClock. Admin users don't need to select a region anymore when setting up, because the system will automatically detect it.

๐Ÿ“ขNOTE: In line with this update, all users of TimeTemp will be required to reset their passwords. Keep a lookout for a password reset email from timetemp.io.

2/ Support for Multi-Agency Workers/Employees

Users who are registered with multiple agencies can select one to log in to from within TimeTemp, both in web and on mobile.

Now when a user logs in to TimeTemp, they can choose between assignments from their different agencies.

3/ Company Names & Logos in TimeTemp

Admin users who change the company name or company logo within Vincere will have the update applied within TimeTemp as well.

When you update company logo in Vinny, it will automatically show up on TimeTemp for all users.

4/ Vincere User Deactivation

When you deactivate a user account in Vincere, the associated TimeTemp account will automatically deactivate too.

Similarly, if you delete or reactivate the Vincere user account, it will trigger the linked TimeTemp account to do the same.

5/ Restrictions on Editing Emails

Vinny email editing will be disabled for Contacts and Candidates who are already registered in TimeTemp as a Manager or Employee.

For TimeTemp Managers, you will not be able to edit the email fields on Contact profiles, Job details & Placements (such as timesheet, expense, or leave approvals).

TimeTemp Employees will not be able to edit the payslip email fields on Candidate profiles & Placements.

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