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Bulk Sending Email via SendGrid
Bulk Sending Email via SendGrid

Everything to know about our new SendGrid integration 📬

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Our new integration lifts limits on sending emails from within Vincere’. This means that you can now send bulk emails to your Contacts or Candidates via the SendGrid integration and keep track of all emails from inside Vinny.

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that provides transactional and marketing email delivery, now available in Vincere’s marketplace.

How to get started

To get started, reach out to SendGrid to sign up for an Email API Plan.

Once you have a SendGrid account, set up the integration from within Vincere:

  1. Go to Settings > Marketplace

  2. Click on the SendGrid tile

  3. Click Setup

  4. Enable the SendGrid toggle

  5. Enter your SendGrid API key.

    Note: The API key can be retrieved from your SendGrid account.

From here, you can also control user permissions for SendGrid.

How to send emails

You can send bulk emails from any of these places inside Vincere:

  1. Candidates / Contacts

  2. Talent Pool / Distribution List

  3. Job details page > Application table (send emails to Candidates only)

  4. Candidate / Contact Advanced Search

Select the Candidates or Contacts that you want to send emails to.

If you want to select all Candidates or Contacts in the list, select one candidate first.

A Select all xxx Candidates button will pop up showing you how many Candidates / Contacts in your database can be selected.

🔥 Important Notes:

  1. This option is only available for sending email via SendGrid.

  2. Before sending email out, double check your SendGrid Email Plan to make sure you are not exceeding the limitation of emails that can be sent from your SendGrid account.

  3. The attachment file size limit is 7 MB.

Where to track emails

You have a few different options to track emails once they’re sent:

From Candidate’s or Contact’s profile

Once the emails are sent, you can track the email history from the Candidate’s or Contact’s profile > Emails tab.

From Vincere’s Email Feature

You can also see all emails that have been sent via SendGrid from your Inbox inside Vincere.

Click on Emails on the left hand side menu > select SendGrid to open the SendGrid mailbox.

From here, you can also filter by Bounced Email to see which emails have bounced.

From your SendGrid account

From your SendGrid account, click on Activity > Filter by time to see the email log.

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