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GDPR Compliance and Candidate Consent
GDPR Compliance and Candidate Consent

Requesting candidates’ consent for data collection and representation 🤝

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You can now collect consent from Candidates for permission to keep their data and to represent them for jobs.

Need to send bulk request permissions from your entire database to do a GDPR-compliance sweep? Yes you can. 📨

Important Note: There are three types of consent:

  1. Consent to Keep: permission to hold & use Candidates’ data in your database.

  2. Right to Represent: permission to represent Candidates.

  3. Job Consent (previously called Consent Status): permission to send Candidates to Jobs. Job Consent status is only visible in the application stages.

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1. Consent Settings configuration

Consent Management

This is where you make requests for Consent to Keep and Right to Represent.

From Settings > Admin Settings > System Preferences > 12. GDPR | Consent management, you can set up:

Duration Setting: This sets the expiration date for the Candidate’s Consent. You can update duration setting options on the form to let Candidates pick how long you can keep their data or how long you have the right to represent the Candidates.

Consent Request Form: You can customize the first message that Candidates receive from here:

The message will then appear at the top of the Consent Form.

See Section 2: Send Consent Requests to multiple Candidates below for more information.

Note: To edit the content of the email that will be sent to Candidates, go to Settings > Email Templates. See 2. Send Consent Request to multiple Candidates for more information.

Consent Management Message: You also have the option to edit the message that shows on an updated Consent Form.

The message will appear at the top of the Consent Management form when Candidates edit their consent information.

Privacy Policy

From System Preferences settings, you can also upload your Privacy Policy, either as a link or a document.

Click on 13. Privacy Policy.

There are two options:

  • Add Privacy Policy page URL

  • Upload Privacy Policy document

Choose one option. Candidates will see this when they click on Privacy Policy in the Consent form.

Once it’s all set up, head over to the Candidate’s table view to request consent. See the section below for more details.

2. Send Consent Requests to multiple Candidates

From the Candidate’s table view, you can send a mass email to Candidates to request Consent to Keep and Right to Represent.

Select the Candidates you want to send the form to > select Request Consent from the Actions panel on the right hand side.

If you’re in the Candidate Advanced Search, follow the same steps above.

Note: if you’re using SendGrid, please check out this article for more information on how to send mass emails to your Candidates. For requesting consent, you will see an option to “Bulk request consent via SendGrid

The system will populate email template 20.1 (you can edit this template in Settings > Email Templates).

Here, you will see two options for your Candidates: to give consent or to decline consent.

Note: If any Candidates’ Consent Statuses have already been updated, a message will pop up. Click on the link to see more details.

You can also use the table filters to find Candidates with Consent Status / Right to Represent is Must request before sending the email.

Once the email is sent, the Candidate’s Consent to Keep & Right to Represent statuses will change in Vincere from Must Request to Pending.

Your Candidates will then click one of the consent buttons in the email to open the Consent Form.

From here, Candidates can give or decline consent.

Below is an example of the Consent Form that your Candidates will receive 👇

  1. Consent to Keep: consent to keep Candidate’s data in your database.

  2. Right to Represent: consent to represent Candidates.

Once the Candidates fill out their Consent Form, they will receive a confirmation. They can also go back to the Consent Form to update their consent.

The Candidates' Consent to Keep / Right to Represent statuses in Vincere will be updated accordingly.

3. Privacy & GDPR Smart View:

From the Candidate’s table view, you can easily find and filter Candidates based on their GDPR Consent Status.

Click on Smart Views > select Privacy & GDPR. Learn more about Table View and Smart View configuration here.

Choose from any of the consent status type filters:

Consent to Keep

  1. Consent to Keep

  2. Consent to Keep - Requested Date.

  3. Consent to Keep - Obtained Date

  4. Consent to Keep - Expiry Date

Right to Represent

  1. Right to Represent

  2. Right to Represent - Requested Date

  3. Right to Represent - Obtained Date

  4. Right to Represent - Expiry Date

From the Application stages, you can find Job Consent. This was previously called Consent Status.

To request Job Consent, from any of the Application stages, select the Candidates (you can only select one candidate per job) > select Send job to Candidate.

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