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Feedback in Real-Time: Zapier & VinnyChat
Feedback in Real-Time: Zapier & VinnyChat

Send survey, feedback responses or NPS scores from your clients and candidates straight into VinnyChat.

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If you’re a Vinny customer, you’ve probably seen a pop-up when you login to Vincere that asks you: “How would you rate your Vincere experience?”.

At Vincere, we are customer-focused. We look at Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help us understand more about you and how we can improve your experience with us.

Your feedback (and scores) are fed directly to our Product teams which steers in the right direction and keeps us agile.

Are you using NPS? How are you currently doing it?

With Vincere x Zapier, you can convert feedback into real-time messages so your teams can engage with candidates / clients effectively.

*VinnyChat is an embedded chat and collaboration platform that lives inside Vincere. Keep your team connected…& seize control of your internal comms.

Here are some examples:

  1. Get feedback from recently placed candidates on their application process or on their new job

  2. Getting insights into candidate’s interview experience with the recruiters or hiring managers

  3. Asking candidates or clients how likely they are to refer your service to a friend / a colleague

  4. Understanding client pain points before pitching your service

Let’s get started.

1. Pick a form or survey app and create your survey:

There are many useful apps that you can use to collect client or candidate feedback and satisfaction such as Typeform (free & paid), Google Forms (free), delighted (paid), SurveyMonkey (free & paid), Ninja Forms from Wordpress (paid), etc.

2. Create a VinnyChat group to channel all feedback that you receive

From your Vincere account, look for the CommsHub icon on the top right next to the blue + Add button.

Mouse over then click on Groups. Vinny will then take you to the Groups in VinnyChat.

From here, you can create a group and give it a name. See example below:

3. Connect your survey app with VinnyChat:

You can connect Vincere to 100+ Forms and Surveys Apps via Zapier.

See below for some examples of how you can connect survey app with VinnyChat via Zapier:

4. Ready to send?

Include the link to the feedback/survey form in your emails to Contacts / Candidates and hit send.

Note: Vincere comes with a library of email templates that are built out of the box for all stages of your recruitment process.

They can be pre-written and automatically generated when you take certain actions inside Vincere.

Here are the email templates that Vinny suggests using to reach out to Contacts or Candidates:

For Contacts: set up your email templates in “Email Contacts (inc. Bulk Emails)” for template 59 or template 60.

As soon as Terms are signed with Clients, send surveys to your Client.

Example of the Client Feedback email:

For Candidates, set up your email templates in “Email Candidates (inc. Bulk Emails)” for template 49 or 57

Example of the Candidate Feedback email:

5. Ding! Real time messages in VinnyChat

As soon as feedback is submitted, you will receive a message in VinnyChat.

Note: Depending on how you’ve customized your message in Zapier, your message’s content may vary.

Here’s a sample of a response notification in VinnyChat:

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