SourceWhale helps you find any candidate and prospective clients contact details and add them to message sequences and Vincere automatically with one-click of a button.

How does the integration work?

  • Using the SourceWhale chrome extension, you can add new clients and contacts to a SourceWhale messaging campaign and Vincere with the single click of a button.

  • SourceWhale will notify users if the client or candidate already exists in Vincere before their addition, avoiding the need to check Vincere manually.

  • SourceWhale will also handle duplicates and company creation.

  • Integration can be customised for an individual if required, just contact SourceWhale support.

How to get started?

SourceWhale is available in Vincere's marketplace. To get started, reach out to SourceWhale for an account.


Sign up for a demo:

How do I set up / turn on the integration?

Start with a demo, contact the SourceWhale team to find out more.

Once they have confirmed that Vincere is enabled, 👉 follow the step-by-step guide here.

Need support for SourceWhale Integration?

👉 Reach out to them via email: or via their in-app live chat.

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